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We offer an amazing range of cleaning services for you to take advantage of. These include house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning and much more. All you need to do is get in touch with us today and let us know about the property which you would like cleaned and what items are inside of the property.

Cleaning Services

Just let us know how regularly you would require our help. Once you make us aware of all of your needs, we can make sure we fulfill all your requests. In other words, when you hire us and tell us what you need, in return you will receive exactly what you need. We'll make your property sparkle.

The place we live and the place we work are very important. Over time, we learn where everything is, know each little feature, become aware of the creeks of stairs and furniture, how long it takes to get from one place to another and so on. These locations are places we should feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, enthusiastic and so they should be safe and clean. Keeping one room or entire building tidy shows respect to the people who live/work there and allows you to enjoy it to its full potential. It’s difficult to take it easy or work hard when there are dust, stains, litter, dirt and mess everywhere so you should resolve these problems as soon as they occur so you can maintain the cleanliness. However we may neglect this and so the mess and dirt can all build up and so you have to be prepared to do everything necessary to restore it to its spotless state. This task can take hours, maybe even days and weeks and son doing a big tidy when you have other work, family and social matters to attend to can be complicated. However, help is at hand in the form of Tidy Up. We are a firm based in Greater London who can assist you with all you need to make you home or workplace sanitary and pleasant. Call us now on 020 3397 4918 and read on to see what we can do for you.

If you interested in our services then you should phone us right away. We have operators standing by who are waiting for your call so that they can fill you in on everything you need to know. If you are just looking or some advice or tips on how to tackle your cleaning they will tell you what they know. They can answer any questions you have so by the end of the call you will be confident in tackling your cleaning. They can tell you about all the services we offer in detail and how much we charge with a quote that cost nothing and requires no initial obligation.

Affordable Cleaning ServicesLetting people into your home or workplace and allowing them to handle all of your goods can be a worrying thought. It can be difficult to fully trust them, especially if you are letting them work while you are not present. If you hire any of our staff then you need not worry because everyone who works for us is reliable, honest and hardworking. They will dedicate themselves to getting the job done and treat your things with care. They will be friendly and patient people who will work to your needs and be happy to listen to any request and answer any questions. They will also be skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to each chore so you rest knowing that your abode is being cleaned to the highest standard.

We offer many services that will ensure that you entire home, office, store or whatever will be left sparkling. Over the phone you should tell us about your building, the things inside it, how often you would require our assistance, etc. This means we can give you exactly what you need. We can send any number of people to you and each will have all the tools, materials and equipment they need to manage any task. They can see to any type of surface, including floors, ceilings, walls, worktops and windows. They will remove dirt, stains and more from them, leaving them as good as new. All of your ornaments, furniture and other goods will be seen to, each wiped and polished, arranged, sorted, and dusted. We may move some objects so we can clean every inch of them and get underneath and behind fixings to clean places you don’t normally see. We will remove litter and have to be placed into appropriate waste disposal units. Our team can be a called out as often as you like and help you on a regular basis or just for a one off job. You don’t need to be around while they work so you can return later to find the job done.

One of the key reasons for our services is end of tenancy cleaning. When you are moving from one home to another you will have to contend with numerous chores and finding time to clean your old abode so it is suitable for its new occupants can be difficult. With one call to us, you can see you home cleaned swiftly, leaving you time to handle packing, transportation, etc.

Home and Office Cleaning ServicesThe Greater London region is an administrate area and ceremonial county that encompasses North, West East, South East, South West and Central London. It is the heart of the UK because it contains the capital of the country. This means that many important places and intuitions are here, such as parliament, the Royale Family, various major religious centres such as Westminster Abbey, the BBC, top educational fatalities including the University of London, and much more. It can also boast some of the top restaurants, cafés, theatres, art galleries, museums, stores, parks and arenas in the world, making it a fun and exciting place to live. There are thirty-two boroughs here in total, with the City of London acting as an extra ward.

The London region is a diverse area and has a total population of 8,174,000 people living here, making it the second most inhabited spot in the UK (behind the South East). People living here have origins from all over the world, with people from India, Poland and Ireland making up a good percentage of the total populace. A recent survey shows that there are over 300 languages spoken here, over 50 non-indigenous communities and a population greater than 10,000 here.

If you want the place that you live and work to look its best without all the hard work, call Tidy Up today.

What Customers Are Saying About Us



Professional Tidy Up is the best domestic cleaning services. No doubt about it!

Harv Weston


Even single people with no kids have homes that need cleaning. Tidy Up gets into places I didn't think of cleaning! And I'll remember they have carpet cleaners, too. A good cheap service that does good work. I'll recommend them.

Vicky Jones


Top quality rug cleaning from Tidy Up Cleaning. Just had it done and was sure they wouldn't be able to help, booked anyway because of an offer, and am delighted to say the rug looks like new. It's magic.

Olga Mitcham


Have used TidyUp a few times over the years and have nothing but good things to say about the cleaners and the company in general. They really look after their customers and always seem to be looking for new ways to help.

James S.


I was in desperate need of a quality rug cleaning service and thankfully TidyUp came to the rescue. The service was top notch and my rug looks splendid.

Ana F.


Cleaning Services Tidy Up handled the office cleaning job perfectly. They didn't cause disruption to the working day, were in and out swiftly and maintained their professionalism at all times. I'm going to make hiring their services a regular thing.

Agatha R.


The home cleaning service was great from start to finish. I have no qualms about recommending London Tidy Up. I'll certainly be using them again.

P. Mates


The house cleaners from Tidy Up did a thorough job cleaning my property. There was a lot to clean but they took care of everything professionally without any problems.

Steve Roberts


I use London Tidy Up for my company's office cleaning and find them to be very consistent, hard-working and good value.

Don S.


I hate cleaning. But due to their prices, the quality of their services, and the convenience factor, I'm able to call upon the services of London Tidy Up. Whenever a situation arises, I'm on the phone to their team.

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