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There is more to life that having a spotlessly clean house to live in, but by having an immaculately clean and tidy home is a very good place to start.

It is amazing just what a nice clean home can do for your mood and for your furniture. Remember those old curtains and those have-seen-better-days carpets? They can all look better and can be revived with a good household clean. It is understandable that finding time to complete a good house clean yourself is often harder than it looks and not to mention time consuming too! When you have had a stressful day in your personal life or at work there is nothing better than coming home to a fresh smelling, clean and tidy home and what is even better is that you don’t have to do any of the hard work yourself if you call 020 3397 4918 and have Tidy Up come to clean for you.

House Cleaning

We are an honest and reliable cleaning company that can offer you many great house cleaning options which will make keeping on top of your household cleaning chores so much easier than ever before! We have had years of experience in cleaning all housed and domestic properties of all varying sizes and now we want to keep your home clean to.

Household Cleaning Services

Our household cleaning services are guaranteed to save you time, stress, hard work and money too. We know that in order to keep your household and all of the furniture, upholsteries and other items inside it clean too, you may need to spend out large amounts of cash on quality cleaning products and equipments.

However, there are two reasons why doing this is still not a firm guarantee that you will have a crystal clean house at the end of it. The first reason is that buying expensive materials, equipments and cleaning agents does not physically get you to do the task yourself. Secondly, many of the cleaning supplies available on the high street and in the supermarkets are not always as good as you think and certainly do not give professional house cleaning companies a run for their money, therefore this option is often simply just a waste of money and time. When it comes to cleaning your house, the best option is to choose a professional cleaning company to do the job properly and efficiently.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Time, money, stress, disabilities, health problems, injuries and lack of adequate cleaning supplies are all reasons for why people just like you choose to call our team to have us clean their domestic property for them. All it takes to get your house cleaning issues sorted is to call 020 3397 4918 and we will happily help you by arranging a date and time for your first house clean with our professional cleaning team. Tidy Up uses various high quality, commercial cleaning supplies and top quality equipment which will leave your home cleaner than you will have ever seen before! If you want to keep a clean home then we have just what you need! If you are selling your property and would like to make sure that it is kept spotless at all times, calling our company today and having our efficient and fast house cleaners clean your property could save you time and win you a sale too!

Our Testimonials
Peter M 2023/07/18
I've hired this company many times and have used plenty of their cleaning services. The teams they've sent to work in my house have always carried out top work for me. I'd recommend this company to anyone for any job.
Gregg M 2023/05/01
I got my domestic cleaning work sorted quickly and easily when I booked this firm to take care of matters for me. I'll be hiring them again, that's a certainty.
Matt H 2023/04/16
They claimed to be an experienced house cleaning firm. That evidently counted for a lot. The work they did for me was amazing.
Tim A 2023/03/29
The standard of the cleaning they did in my house was exceptional. I'd banked on them to deliver the standard required after hearing good things about them. They didn't disappoint.
Jess H 2023/03/28
Their domestic house cleaners worked their magic in my kitchen and bathroom. They left the rooms gleaming clean, looking spotless. I'm so glad I hired them.
Natalia N. 2022/05/10
My sister recommended the cleaning services of Tidy Up when I first moved. They make weekly visits and keep my house looking immaculate.
Barbara E. 2022/05/04
After finalizing my divorce, I bought a flat. This cleaning service was hired to handle the house cleaning. They do great work.
Sarah Issac 2022/05/01
I used to take care of the house cleaning but I recently had to take more hours at work. I caved and hired a professional cleaning service. This was the cheapest option although their cleaners are top-notch.
G. Benton 2022/04/27
I am glad I hired their cleaners. They do great work. Tidy Up is the best.
Marlow S. 2022/04/06
The cleaners just finished their first job in my house and I am quite impressed. They are excellent at what they do. I didn't think my flat being this spotless was even a possibility.
O. Halland 2021/12/19
I always palm my domestic cleaning duties off into the capable hands of this company. With their prices and the amazing jobs they continuously carry out for me, there's no need for me to feel guilty about doing so!
L. Brooks 2021/12/04
I rely on Tidy Up heavily for domestic cleaning. The quotes they give are low and reasonable and they always carry out fantastic work, follow through on their promises, which is refreshing in this day and age.
S. Plint 2021/11/26
Their domestic cleaning team were prompt and professional, arrived on time and didn't waste a moment getting started. I was thrilled with the outcome. They left my rather messy and grubby house looking spotless. It's well worth hiring them.
R. Carter 2021/11/13
I expected a lot from this cleaning company after reading plenty of great reviews about them online. The team that worked in my house didn't disappoint.
L. Glynn 2021/10/15
The house cleaning service I had Tidy Up around for was really cheap. I couldn't actually believe how cheap it was, that they stuck to the price quoted at the end of the service.
Jane S 2021/10/02
I got my house cleaning done by a wonderful team from this company. They sent around a hard-working bunch of individuals who worked tirelessly to get what was required of them completed.
Zoe H 2021/09/10
The house cleaners met my needs and did so superbly. I explained things to them the once and then simply let them get on with it. Tidy Up didn't disappoint, impressed massively.
J. Maxwell 2021/09/02
I hired a really professional team of house cleaners for my job for a great price. It was amazing, considering all they did, the standard of service.
Lorna H. 2021/08/27
I want to thank their team for all they did for me, for working tirelessly throughout their time in my house and ensuring they accomplished all that was required of them before leaving.
Belinda H 2021/08/13
I hired their house cleaners for an urgent service. This was the only company that responded back to me. I'm glad they did because I doubt any other company would've been able to do better.