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Best and Cheapest End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

If you are in the process of moving out of your property or perhaps you are the landlord of a property who wants to have their property cleaned up before the new tenants or owners move in then our end of tenancy cleaning services are just the thing you need.

Our high quality end of tenancy cleans will guarantee that your property will be left in spick and span condition for when the new property tenants or owners move in. Our great value, professional end of tenancy cleaning services are also the perfect option also to anybody who is moving in to a new property and would like to be sure that the property will be in perfect condition and ultra clean upon their arrival on moving day. 

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Nothing is better when you leave your property or move in to a new one that having a professional company such as Tidy Up thoroughly clean your property from top to bottom to ensure that all traces of you, pets or former property owners have been properly erased from the residence. If this is something that you are looking for then we are the company that can provide you with exactly what you have been looking for. Our prices are incredibly low and very reasonable and if you don’t believe us or would like more information on out top quality end of tenancy cleans then why not give us a call today on 020 3397 4918.

Move in and Move Out Cleaning

End of tenancy cleans are often something that comes about after tenants move out of a rented property, the former owners of a property move out of their former domestic or commercial property and can also be arranged by people who are planning to move in to a new property.

Nothing does the job of cleaning any type of property and its upholsteries and furniture items inside better than a professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

Due to the fact that our clients usually hire us to handle their end of tenancy cleans during the moving process, we like to make our overall package more convenient and manageable for all of our customers. There is a lot to think about when you are relocating out of one property and in to a new place, which is why it makes even more sense to hire a professional team, like ours, for the mammoth task of thoroughly cleaning every inch of your new or former property.

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If you are a landlord who wants to look good in front of your property tenants and would like to keep up your good reputation of being an excellent and professional landlord then we would highly recommend that you book an end of tenancy cleaning with our team of cleaning specialists. If you have recently purchased a new commercial or domestic property and would like to make sure that it all clean and tidy for when you move all of your items in to it then our company and our fantastic services are the answer for you! No other company, machine, piece of equipment or individual can get such high quality results from a clean like we can here at Tidy Up so get it on the action now and call us today on 020 3397 4918.

Our Testimonials
S. Six 2023/07/05
I got them to do a load of end of tenancy cleaning. Hiring them proved to be a great decision.
Haley A 2023/06/22
The end of tenancy cleaning they did for me worked an absolute treat. I'd heard this company achieves results and they achieved some amazing results.
Jim S 2023/05/07
The end of tenancy cleaning work Tidy Up did for me worked like magic. I wish I could share before and after pictures. You wouldn't believe the difference.
F. Davidson 2023/03/28
They listened to our cleaning requirements and assured us they'd be able to manage everything. The brilliant, hard-working team they sent around didn't disappoint.
Russell S 2023/03/07
The work their cleaning team did for me did wonders for the appearance and just the general feel of being on the property. I hired their professional team and it really did make all the difference.
Ashley J. 2022/05/17
I just used their cleaning services while cleaning out one of my rental properties. They have lower rates than any of their competition.
Hallie W. 2022/05/14
The rates at Tidy Up are much cheaper than those of other cleaning companies. The cleaners are professional and highly trained; they typically get the job done in a few hours.
Tanya B. 2022/05/10
This is the only cleaning company I use. They have reasonable rates, and their cleaners are by far the best.
Joyce V. 2022/05/07
I use their cleaning crew on every tenant move-out. They get my rental properties sparkling clean, and they charge less than most options.
Evelyn H. 2022/05/01
I could not be happier with their cleaners. They have done a fabulous job at the flat. It looks incredible.
l. Milan 2021/12/10
I can't thank their cleaning team highly enough. I'd have been at a loss as to what to do if not for their professional help!
Ruthe A. 2021/11/30
I got my pretty urgent end of tenancy cleaning service sorted for a great price. It was certainly worth it, shelling out the little amount I did if it meant I got my deposit back.
Ewan S. 2021/11/09
I put a lot of faith in their team to be able to deliver. They came through for me in my time of need. It's because of Tidy Up that I got my deposit back. I can't thank them enough for that.
J. Maxwell 2021/10/28
I'd used other cleaning services from other companies in the past. The services had always left a lot to be desired. This time around, I hired a different firm. Tidy Up was fantastic. The standard of the clean was exceptional.
Jamie S 2021/10/05
I managed to hire cleaning services from Tidy Up and have their team come around for a next day service. I couldn't have wished for a better team to complete a better, more thorough job.
S. Wilingscroft 2021/08/14
As professional cleaning services go, the one I hired from this company was just what was needed, was brilliant in every way. I'd recommend making use of their services to anyone.
E. Doyle 2021/07/24
It was the first time I'd hired Tidy Up. Their cleaners carried out some outstanding work for me. I was thoroughly impressed with everything they did, with how they made my house look.
R. Hughes 2021/07/24
I trusted them to do the domestic cleaning required of them. I inspected their work at the end of the service and am pleased to report that they didn't let me down.
Niall A. 2021/06/30
The end of tenancy cleaning was all done to my landlord's satisfaction. They made every surface of every room spotless.
J. Bellamy 2021/06/26
The end of tenancy cleaning team worked tirelessly to ensure I got my deposit back. It was a top job completed when needed by experts.