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Full House Cleaning North LondonLife is filled with countless chores that must be completed. We would like to spend each day relaxing, doing what we enjoy and going at our own pace but various responsibilities get in the way. We have to travel and work hard at our job so that we can earn an honest living. Then we come home to manage various chores, indulge in our hobbies, spend time with loved ones, catch up on the day’s news and simply relax. Squeezing all of this into one day can be difficult so you may find yourself abandoning some processes to free up time. Cleaning can be the first thing that is discarded but doing so has many negative consequences. The dust, mess and disorganisation that build up can prevent you from truly relaxing and when you eventually get around to sorting it all out, it will be more than you can handle. If you want your home to remain sanitary and comfortable, without putting in the hours of work simply get in touch with Tidy Up today on 020 3397 4918 and we can do all your cleaning for you in North London.

When you get in touch, you will immediately be making life simpler for yourself. You may be expecting to be bombarded with offers and services when you call a cleaning company but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As soon as you call, our operators will be there for you. They will supply you with all the information you need about cleaning your home, tips to make it simpler and where you can acquire the things you need. If you are unsure about anything then our crew will fill you in. If you tell us about your home or wherever you want tidying such as an office of store, such as how big it is then we can tailor our advice to your specific needs and recommends the services you will require. We can tell you about these in detail and you can freely select the ones you need. At any time, we can give you a quote that is completely complimentary and free of initial commitment.

North London Cleaning CompanyWhen you come to a decision, we can send members of our elite team to your address and they will be eager to get to work. They will be have all the things they need to clean every surface, floor, window, carpet, piece of furniture, fixing, ornaments and more. They will dust, polish, vacuum, sort and arrange so that when they are finished your home will be perfect. We can send you as any people as you need as often as you like and they will be able to operate without your supervision so they can get to work while you are at work. The people who work for us are all skilled and trustworthy people so you should relax knowing that they will be dedicated to getting the job done.

The London region is split into several main areas and North London is one of them. It contains the Boroughs of Enfield, Barnet and Haringey and has a population of 255,000 people. Haringey boasts over 600 acres of parks, as well as several rivers that run through here. The Highpoint buildings can be found here, as can many theatres. Enfield has been undergoing constant regeneration, constantly improving its facilities. Barnet is home to a large Jewish community and various examples of public art.

If you want your home or workplace in North London to be a place you want to be, give Tidy Up a call today.

Our Testimonials
G. Harrison 2023/05/06
Their domestic cleaning team worked their socks off for me. Due to the amount of work that needed to be done, I thought the service would cost a lot more. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the quote and when they stuck to it.
Ryan S 2023/04/23
Their reviews made me hire them. Thankfully, the reviews weren't false. Everything this domestic cleaning company did for me was just exceptional. I want to thank them and would recommend them to anyone.
Shane E. 2023/04/10
This domestic cleaning company in North London consists of a top team of professionals. All they did for me was just fantastic. The quote is given and the price I paid for all the work was fantastic too.
Colin S 2023/04/07
This domestic cleaning team proved their worth as a top company. I used their services to get a lot done. Tidy Up didn't disappoint. I'd happily recommend them and will use them again.
D. Lamb 2023/04/04
I instructed their home cleaning team to focus their attention on my bathroom. It desperately needed some professional help. Tidy Up had all the muckiness eliminated, had the situation sorted out extremely professionally, in no time at all.
Norma H 2023/03/01
Their house cleaning team knows how to clean pretty much anything. I've had them around for all sorts of jobs over the years. They always thoroughly impress.
Brandon E 2023/02/27
They got the rug cleaning done to a terrifically high standard. I never thought they could get it looking so beautiful and clean. It's well worth hiring them for such work.
D. Balem 2023/01/04
I booked Tidy Up for a domestic cleaning service. It was the professional service I was after. Putting them on the job got the situation sorted quickly, professionally and cheaply.
S. Graves 2022/08/02
The clean carpet their team achieved for me had been beautifully cleaned. Not only had it been cleaned, but it had also been thoroughly sanitised and smelled amazing. It was a complete service.
H. Franks 2022/08/02
I don't know how they achieved such a standard of cleanliness. But the clean carpet they left me was amazingly clean. Due to the state, it was in, I didn't think such a clean would be possible.
F. Bellamy 2022/07/31
I desperately wanted to be left with a clean carpet at the end of the service. I knew that was hoping for a lot considering how grubby it was. I don't know how they did it. But they worked their magic and left me with a gloriously cleaned carpet.
K. Orton 2022/07/31
I wanted a clean carpet but didn't know how to go about it. I eventually decided to hire a professional company. I hired this firm after reading good things about them. They achieved amazing results for me.
Faye H 2022/07/20
Tidy Up put a wonderful team of carpet cleaners on the job. It was evident that they were experienced professionals. They arrived on the scene and knew just what to do.
K. Matthews 2022/07/19
They said they'd do their level best to leave me with a beautiful, thoroughly sanitised, clean carpet. They worked their magic and came through for me. I couldn't have been happier.
K. Henshaw 2022/07/06
My carpet was a right mess. I thought it'd cost an awful lot to get a clean carpet and rectify all the cleanliness issues. It didn't cost nearly as much as I thought it would. Plus, this company achieved great results for me. I'm lucky I came across this company when I did.
Russell M 2022/07/05
I hired Tidy Up. I needed the outcome to be me being left with a beautifully clean carpet. Otherwise, I would've had to chuck this carpet away. I'm glad they came through for me.
D. Byers 2022/06/30
The clean carpet they completed was brilliantly clean. It looked like they'd just swapped my grubby old carpet out for a replica!
E. Solfield 2022/06/30
Their carpet cleaners had their work cut out for them. Achieving such a standard of cleaning was no mean feat. Somehow, they managed it and did brilliantly for me.
Jessica Good 2022/05/07
I have recommended this cleaning company in North London to everyone I know. They offer some of the most reasonable, affordable rates in the area and their cleaners are highly trained professionals.
Shayna Booker 2022/04/04
Their carpet cleaning services are the best you'll find. They did an incredible job with the carpeting in my home and it had tons of staining.