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Tidy Up.
  • Brendan S.
  • 17May 2024

Your commitment to delivering exceptional Cleaning services is admirable, thank you!

  • Shaun
  • 29Apr 2024

We are grateful to have collaborated with such a dedicated and proficient admin team who helped us find ideal candidates for our needs.

  • Cody Bradley
  • 21Mar 2024

It's safe to say that London Tidy Up has won me over as a loyal customer.

  • Brianna J.
  • 11Mar 2024

As someone who has used London Tidy Up twice now, I can confidently say that their service is unmatched in terms of quality and reliability.

  • Archie
  • 01Mar 2024

These efficient and speedy carpet cleaners live up to their reputation and come highly recommended from me!

  • A. Pearce
  • 19Feb 2024

They worked efficiently and delivered exceptional results.

  • LaQuida Baker
  • 09Feb 2024

Incredible service, I am beyond thrilled with how stunning my carpets look after London Tidy Up's cleaning.

  • Andrea Banks
  • 30Jan 2024

I cannot fault the top-quality service provided by these individuals during my end of tenancy clean.

  • Charlie T.
  • 20Jan 2024

Thank you, Tidy Up London, for your outstanding service and restoring my carpets to their former glory.

  • Tom May
  • 05Jun 2023

Working as a property manager myself, I have had the pleasure of utilising London Tidy Up's services for various tasks such as carpet cleaning or end-of-tenancy cleans on vast properties many times over the years; these experiences have always been incredibly rewarding due to their extreme compliance in addition to the unbeatable quality of this work which they never fail to provide no matter what! My gratitude towards them is immense because of their permanent professionalism which comes hand in hand with outstanding service results each time!

  • Veronica O.
  • 09Feb 2023

Yesterday's team put in a great effort. Exceptionally cooperative, giving a comprehensive account of their function and acting promptly with any hiccups that may have arisen. Gratitude to them for their commitment and proficiency yesterday!

  • Kristy Naughton
  • 25Oct 2019

After hosting this years' family reunion, and have two family members staying at my flat, I needed a specialist cleaning crew. Professional Tidy Up' cleaners were recommended by a friend, and they did an amazing job. I am very happy with the end result.

  • Kym
  • 13Aug 2019

Professional Tidy Up is the best domestic cleaning services. No doubt about it!

  • Harv Weston
  • 03Jul 2019

Even single people with no kids have homes that need cleaning. Tidy Up gets into places I didn't think of cleaning! And I'll remember they have carpet cleaners, too. A good cheap service that does good work. I'll recommend them.

  • Vicky Jones
  • 10Jun 2019

Top quality rug cleaning from Tidy Up Cleaning. Just had it done and was sure they wouldn't be able to help, booked anyway because of an offer, and am delighted to say the rug looks like new. It's magic.

  • Olga Mitcham
  • 17May 2019

Have used TidyUp a few times over the years and have nothing but good things to say about the cleaners and the company in general. They really look after their customers and always seem to be looking for new ways to help.

  • James S.
  • 18Apr 2019

I was in desperate need of a quality rug cleaning service and thankfully TidyUp came to the rescue. The service was top notch and my rug looks splendid.

  • Ana F.
  • 13Mar 2019

Cleaning Services Tidy Up handled the office cleaning job perfectly. They didn't cause disruption to the working day, were in and out swiftly and maintained their professionalism at all times. I'm going to make hiring their services a regular thing.

  • Agatha R.
  • 08Feb 2019

The home cleaning service was great from start to finish. I have no qualms about recommending London Tidy Up. I'll certainly be using them again.

  • P. Mates
  • 16Jan 2019

The house cleaners from Tidy Up did a thorough job cleaning my property. There was a lot to clean but they took care of everything professionally without any problems.

  • Steve Roberts
  • 28Nov 2018

I use London Tidy Up for my company's office cleaning and find them to be very consistent, hard-working and good value.

  • Don S.
  • 09Oct 2018

I hate cleaning. But due to their prices, the quality of their services, and the convenience factor, I'm able to call upon the services of London Tidy Up. Whenever a situation arises, I'm on the phone to their team.

  • William J. Templeton
  • 11Sep 2018

As a property manager for numerous rental units, I have found that utilising Tidy Up London for all my cleaning needs never fails to reach perfection on all jobs, from end of tenancy cleanings to general cleaning jobs such as floor and carpet. They are flexible and accommodating, always a pleasure to work with. Their workers are always punctual and reliable. As for costs involved, their services are affordable.

  • Nathan Hill
  • 17Aug 2018

I had never used a professional cleaning service before. I sought out a cleaning company close to me that offered a professional yet cost effective service. Tidy Up Cleaning Services kept things simple and in the end I was quite pleased with the results.

  • Paul Dillimore
  • 02Aug 2018

I desperately needed assistance with clogged gutters. London Tidy Up rallied themselves and handled our gutter work at a cheap price. Happy with the results, they did an excellent job.

  • Gillian Jackson
  • 17Jul 2018

Checked online for cleaning companies in London, found one and scheduled an appointment. The workers were courteous and arrived on time. The prices as quoted by Tidy Up Cleaning were in line with the final cost. Good job, will recommend.

  • T. Maxwell
  • 11Jun 2018

I called Professional Tidy Up because I wanted a clean carpet. That's certainly what I got. I'd never seen my carpet looking in such great condition.

  • K. Cook
  • 15May 2018

I can't fault any aspect of the domestic cleaning service of Tidy Up London. The level of service and attention to detail was just exceptional.

  • A. Jones
  • 27Apr 2018

I've used Cleaning Services Tidy Up in the past for various cleaning duties and now I've used their carpet cleaners too. It was a pleasure and as usual, they didn't disappoint.

  • A. Eagle
  • 11Apr 2018

As house cleaners go, they don't get much better than those from TidyUp. The team were first class and did a tremendous job in my property.

  • Yolanda Quint
  • 30Mar 2018

Pleased with the end of tenancy cleaning service from Tidy Up Cleaning. Very thorough and I got my deposit back!

  • A. Langley
  • 27Feb 2018

Tidy Up Cleaning handled my house cleaning job with ease and professionalism. It was a top service.

  • Carole Bishop
  • 22Jan 2018

Nice efficient and cheap upholstery cleaning from Tidy Up London, would recommend to anyone looking to refresh their upholstery.

  • Fiona K.
  • 09Jan 2018

I rarely give a review after using services, but I could not resist leaving a review for this company. I used London Tidy Up, and I have no regrets. The technicians who came to clean my carpets were so friendly. I had too many questions as I have read several blogs about different carpet cleaning methods, and the cleaners answered them all. They never stop surprising me from their knowledge. Before they started cleaning my carpets, they first inspected the material of my carpet and only after that did they begin the cleaning. The method they used to clean my carpets was quite different from that I thought they would use. Wanted to know why they opted for the carpet dry cleaning method for my sisal-made carpet and they said it needed a method by which the carpet fibres couldn't be damaged and a method by which it could dry fast. Unlike my cleaning methods where I noted that my carpets' threads got damaged quickly, this professionals' approach has caused no damaged to my new carpets and I believe that by employing their services when I need my carpets cleaned, my furnishings will serve me longer. Apart from their services, the price that these experts charged was much low than I expected. I plan to hire these experts for my regular carpet cleaning duties, and I recommend them for you if you want to have carpets that will serve you longer.

  • Ulrich Jansen
  • 13Dec 2017

Friendly and helpful staff, excellent range of cleaning services, and very reasonable prices - Tidy Up Cleaning Services deliver it all.

  • Andrew G.
  • 20Nov 2017

If only I'd hired their cleaning crew sooner! I still can't get over the fabulous work carried out by Cleaning Services Tidy Up and their team.

  • Dominic T.
  • 05Oct 2017

Home cleaning is no longer an arduous task. That's because I came across Professional Tidy Up and their services. It's now a painless process, one that's completed quickly and professionally.

  • Karen Davis
  • 14Sep 2017

I usually do all my cleaning myself, but due to a back injury I decided to call TidyUp. They were very helpful and the cleaners were very nice. I felt comfortable having them clean my floors. For the comfort and quality, I will be using this company at some point.

  • Bradley Crown
  • 05Sep 2017

When one of my long-term tenants moved out, he left the room in a bad state. With another person soon to move in, I called Cleaning Services Tidy Up in panic. Thanks to their professionalism, the room was soon transformed by the cleaners. I also saved a lot of money thanks to their competitive prices. I will certainly call them again!

  • Shelly A.
  • 21Aug 2017

Professional house cleaning services at reasonable prices are hard to find. Thankfully, during the course of my research, I came across London Tidy Up. I'd heard good things about them, and they didn't disappoint. The service itself was faultless, and the low price was just an added bonus.

  • Harry G.
  • 28Jul 2017

My Mum is getting on in years and needed a little help with the domestic cleaning. She does pretty well on her own, but just needed a hand with things like the rug cleaning and floors. London Tidy Up comes round and helps her get it done, and she really loves them. She says all the cleaners are very nice and polite.

  • Daryl J.
  • 11Jul 2017

I use Tidy Up for domestic cleaning help, particularly when I need some detail work done like upholstery cleaning and things like that I just don't get too often enough. They always do a very thorough job, highly recommend them to anyone!

  • Antony
  • 27Jun 2017

If you want a cost-effective company that will handle everything from light cleaning to heavy spring cleaning jobs, then look no further than Tidy Up Cleaning. Their professionals are capable of handling even the toughest cleaning disaster. You won't regret contacting this company after you see the beatific job they do with cleaning your home.

  • H. Watson
  • 01Jun 2017

I never hire professional service companies since I am a fan of DIY. However, Tidy Up have changed my perspective with their special offers and reasonable prices for house cleaning.

  • U. Gray
  • 15May 2017

I never have to worry about having dirty carpets or inappropriate cleaning techniques since the team at TidyUp are thorough. Best of all, their cost-effective cleaning services come with a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Riley Stein
  • 25Apr 2017

Tidy Up London is without a doubt the best cleaning service I have ever used. I have a small business and constantly need to entertain clients. They remark about the good quality of my office which is all down to the crew. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Dee
  • 04Apr 2017

My young daughter and I are over the moon with the cleanliness of our flat. Never looked better thanks to Tidy Up. Professional and fast cleaners.

  • A. Stacey
  • 10Mar 2017

Cheap and efficient house cleaning service! Would definitely use the services of Tidy Up again!

  • Olive
  • 09Feb 2017

I got me deposit back because I used the end of tenancy cleaning service of Tidy Up Cleaning Services! They gave a discount and saved me lots of money! I will definitely hire them again in the future!

  • Rene Grubb
  • 16Jan 2017

I hate oven cleaning that is why I hire a professional company to do it for me. Tidy Up Cleaning is one of the few companies that cleaned my oven to a high standard and charged me a low price for this bothersome task!

  • Dylan M.
  • 07Dec 2016

Got some kitchen cleaning done, all thanks to Tidy Up Cleaning Services who provided me with just the right help at just the right price. Their cleaners know just what to do to leave a room sparkling and in a flawless state. The kitchen now looks amazing, just the way it looked when I first renovated it. Amazing services, with the best prices in London. Thank you so much for all the hard work and especially for the results!

  • Lena Davis
  • 21Nov 2016

Tidy Up Cleaning did a fabulous job at a nice price!

  • Huw
  • 08Nov 2016

I needed a professional domestic cleaning service in London. A friend of mine recommended TidyUp so I hired them. I booked an appointment for the weekend and they didn't charge me extra. When they arrived, they quickly took on the job and sanitised my home within 3 hours. Cheap, quick, efficient and helpful!

  • Jerome C.
  • 28Oct 2016

We're on a tight budget, but every year at Christmas time when everyone is coming to visit my wife just has to have a spotless house. That's why we always hire a cleaning company and we always call Tidy Up Cleaning Services. Great company.

  • J. Murphy
  • 28Sep 2016

Tidy Up saved my armchair from being thrown away, literally. It was covered in stains that I thought I'd never be able to get out, but a friend told me about this firm and their upholstery cleaning services and I decided to give the chair another chance. They removed all the stains and now my favourite chair can serve me for a few more years. Big thanks!

  • Adam
  • 29Aug 2016

Really glad that I bet on Tidy Up Cleaning for the office cleaning. Their commercial cleaners are the best in the area and proved that once again with marvellous work. Thank you so much!

  • Martin V.
  • 21Jul 2016

London Tidy Up, have been very responsive with booking a time slot only a couple of days before we were due to return our keys. The cleaning lady was very thorough and cleaned our flat perfectly. We even managed to get our full deposit back. Thanks guys!

  • Mark J.
  • 23Jun 2016

TidyUp is one of the best cleaning companies around. I have used the services of quite a few in the past and always ended up with a frown. But this company has lived up to its promises. They are not only budget friendly but also offer quality service. Their team is skilled and know just how to get rid of those stubborn stains. Thanks for keeping my home looking and smelling good!

  • F. Masters
  • 31May 2016

The cleaners I hired from London Tidy Up cleaned my kitchen thoroughly in just over an hour. Great job!

  • Diana Hammond
  • 21Apr 2016

With three kids, it's no easy task keeping the house looking clean and tidy. When I clean it just seems to get dirty and messy again in minutes. That is why I eventually turned to Tidy Up Cleaning Services for house cleaning help. You see, they know what they are talking about and I knew that just from the phone call. The office staff was so professional, helpful and understanding. First impressions really do count and on the day, the cleaners did an amazing job of cleaning my house. They provided me with results that last. Thanks so much for all your help!

  • Rowena C.
  • 17Nov 2015

If you're in the market for a great cleaning company, I'd definitely recommend Cleaning Service. I'd always avoided the very thought of hiring a cleaning company, but after my first service from this firm I was left wondering why I hadn't hired them sooner! You can tell straight away that all their staff are professional and experienced; they take a few glances around your home and get straight to work! All the cleaners were friendly and polite throughout the process, and the work they did left my home looking completely refreshed.

  • Christine K.
  • 14Oct 2015

House cleaning has never been my forte, and my house just never looked clean enough no matter how many hours I spent on it. I found the answer with TidyUp and their wonderful home cleaning service. They leave my house looking spotless, and even those hard-to-reach places now get a regular clean! Having such a sanitary home is brilliant, and all the guests I have are always impressed. I love this service!

  • Naomi
  • 02Oct 2015

I hired Cleaning Service and their upholstery cleaners for my house after a friend recommended them. My dog leaves my sofa covered in paw prints and muck, and I decided it was about time for a professional clean. This company were wonderful and did a great job that I can't fault even if I tried! I'd recommend this service to anyone with a messy pet like mine!

  • Kayley Davies
  • 24Sep 2015

I had just had a lot of people visiting my house all at once. This meant that I couldn't see to all the mess, dust, crumbs and dirt that were being created with so many people here. There was a lot to do once they all left so I hired TidyUp for some extra help. Their expert team allowed me to get my home to the clean state it once was in, so everything is back to normal. I couldn't ask for a better cleaning firm.

  • Don
  • 02Sep 2015

I used TidyUp after I spilt some wine on my carpet. I was sure that it was ruined, but their cleaners took one look at it and assured me that the situation was salvageable. They cleaned my carpet up in no time and made it look almost brand new. Amazing work and a great team!

  • Martha S.
  • 19Aug 2015

Your team has brightened our office with last week's office cleaning. It's nice to get to work and see dust free tables and clean carpets. Thank you, Carpet Cleaners, for agreeing to provide us with a customised service and working in accordance with our work schedules. I appreciate the hard work done; it's clearly evident with the end results.

  • Ilana C.
  • 07Aug 2015

Love it! Cleaning Service have just left my apartment after performing a thorough and effective house cleaning for me. I personally hate cleaning and so this just seemed like the best kind of service for me! I will definitely continue to use this company!

  • Charles Lou
  • 31Jul 2015

Managing an office can be tough and there are many aspects to take care of. One that cannot be neglected is cleaning and as the manager, it is my job to ensure the workplace is clean both for staff and visitors. This is why I hire London Tidy Up. They do all the cleaning in no time and provide an excellent result. My staff and I can focus on the work and rest assured knowing we have the cleanest office with this expert help.

  • Shirley Price
  • 14Jul 2015

After decorating my flat I'm afraid I left it in a terrible mess. There was literally paint and paper everywhere. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it myself and so I called Cleaning Service for a price. Wow! They were so cheap it was almost unbelievable but when their cleaners came and worked their magic I was enormously impressed. Now it feels like I'm in a completely new home!

  • Benjamin G.
  • 03Jul 2015

I was so pleased with the rug cleaning service I hired recently from Tidy Up London. I had several rugs scattered around the house and they were looking grubby. Though I vacuumed regularly and wiped up any stain they were not looking as bright as they once did. I used this company as I had heard good reviews about them. The cleaning procedure was done with care and with eco-friendly methods. The rugs weren't delicate; they were hardwearing, so I didn't have any damage to dread with the procedures. All I can say is that the cleaning they did was superb and the cost was fair too!

  • Sara Johnes
  • 23Jun 2015

Cleaning Service has served me so well, that I even got encouraged to write a review about it! I have never felt this way about carpet cleaning before. I used to spend hours trying to clean the mess left by my two German Shepherds on this carpet. When my pups come back from the garden they leave sand and wet paws on it. But this cleaning company allowed me to get enough free time to get on with my other house duties while they cleaned my living room and the carpet! It was so easy to book their service and so satisfying to find my carpet good as new again!

  • Andrea Clark
  • 15Jun 2015

Cleaning Service has clearly shown experience in rendering high-quality cleaning services to my area of residence. Their professionalism and expertise have definitely improved the ambiance in my home. This cleaning company was recommended to me by my friends who have been most satisfied with the overall completion of the tasks at hand such as cleaning rugs, sofas and any other cleaning effort required. These cleaners will ensure a more pleasant home for you as they did for my husband and me. I was thrilled with the results. Thumbs up!

  • Jane Taylor
  • 10Jun 2015

I moved in with my boyfriend recently and we decided that instead of sharing the cleaning chores that we would hire professional cleaners. We both work but we still needed to check out prices to make sure we could afford it! We called around a few cleaning companies based in the area but when we spoke to Carpet Cleaners we knew straight away we would use their cleaners. They won't only the cheapest price but they also knew what they were talking about! We now come home every Friday to an immaculate home! Brilliant!!

  • Janice K.
  • 26May 2015

London Tidy Up have kept my office clean for months now. They come each working day to get things ready for the next. They vacuum the floors, polish the furniture and remove litter. They guarantee my firm is ready for each day of work and we couldn't manage without them.

  • Jamie Brown
  • 15May 2015

Being in charge of an office is tough, as it requires a lot of commitment and work. When it came to cleaning, I knew I couldn't manage that so I left it to Tidy Up London. They handle all the cleaning in my workplace for me, so my staff and I can focus on our work. They do a great job each week, removing litter and clutter, polishing, vacuuming and much more. I couldn't keep the place running smoothly without them; and their services not only help my staff focus but also ensure visitors are always impressed.

  • Tim Spencer
  • 07May 2015

We are absolutely pleased with the office cleaning service rendered by Tidy Up London. The team members were professional in their approach and yet pleasant to speak to. They completed the entire task on a fixed budget which was a lot cheaper than other cleaning companies in this neighbourhood charge.

  • R. Baker
  • 01May 2015

I am extremely happy with the end of tenancy cleaning that was completed by London Tidy Up. The team of four cleaners worked very hard to achieve great results. My estate agent happily returned the entire deposit. I would highly recommend your end of lease cleaning services to anyone.

  • John L.
  • 24Apr 2015

A thorough cleaning service was provided by this agency. Tidy Up London left me and my wife very happy with the way our home looks. Since we both have very tight schedules, we can't clean the house as thoroughly as we wish to. Hiring this company allowed us to come home and enjoy a much cleaner environment. The house had never felt as fresh as it did when we came home last night after the cleaners had done their magic.

  • Sandra M.
  • 14Apr 2015

I have terrible dust allergies and can't always do all the vacuuming in my house. I was so excited to have finally found a reliable and steady cleaner who was able to come by every week and clean my place up. I have found that because I have my place clean more often, I have managed to get my allergies under control, thanks to the cleaners from Carpet Cleaners!

  • Samuel
  • 03Apr 2015

I had family coming over from the US and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get all my cleaning done in time. My kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it and my bathroom was messy and grimy! Luckily for me, Cleaning Service works on extremely short notice and I didn't have an issue having everything cleaned in time! I cannot recommend this company enough!

  • Kelly T.
  • 24Mar 2015

I have a number of beautiful rugs from around the world that I have collected on my travels. These are very valuable possessions so I only want the best cleaning for them. TidyUp is really professional with their rug cleaning services. They have great resources and equipment and the right care techniques to clean the rugs without damaging them. I wouldn't trust anyone else to clean my rugs.

  • Michelle H.
  • 13Mar 2015

After my twin daughters' 21st birthday party, let's just say the house was a mess! None of us had the energy to clean it. So I hired a cleaner from TidyUp to do it for us. They sent me a cleaner at the last minute, at an affordable rate, and the job was done brilliantly. Very impressed!

  • June H.
  • 05Mar 2015

When my office is clean and tidy I am happy. I'm just not good at getting it to that clean and tidy stage. Fortunately, the wonderful workers of TidyUp are! Each and every time I use their services I am satisfied and content with the performance and value for money.

  • Irene J.
  • 24Feb 2015

You can just tell that TidyUp have worked hard to build such a positive reputation for themselves, and they really deserve. They have a wonderful rapport, great customer service, really professional services and you can tell that they really put the customers' needs first. I haven't been let down once using their services and I am certain I never will be. I am thoroughly impressed and happy to give them the excellent recommendation they deserve.

  • Ollie Taylor
  • 12Feb 2015

I wanted a cleaner to do my housework as I was so fed up with trying to manage the cleaning with my work. I was given a number of a local firm called TidyUp and booked a call to trail them. I was pleased that the cleaners arrive on time with all of the cleaning gear. The friendly and polite cleaners got on with the work and did a wonderful job.

  • Jody Gibson
  • 04Feb 2015

I was so pleased with my recent oven cleaning service I hired TidyUp as I had heard good reviews about their work. My oven was a mess with a lot of burnt on food, as it wasn't a job I liked I hired some assistance. This company did a superb job and got rid of the dirt, grease and grime until the oven liked like new. It was an excellent service and worth the money.

  • Sophia Griffin
  • 27Jan 2015

I needed my carpets cleaning after a children's birthday party celebration. TidyUp had done work for my dad so I decided to book a service with them. The cleaners came out next day and got to work in the stained carpet. They did a great job at dissolving the dirt and the results were amazing.

  • Clara W.
  • 07Jan 2015

Thank you very much, once again, TidyUp, you've saved me and my furniture both. I'd had a bit of an accident and was worried that the brand new sofas I brought would be tarnished already. I rang them up straight away and in no time at all, one of their lovely cleaners was here and dealing with the issue. Cannot tell you how pleased and relieved this had me. Very impressed with their service, but I think they know how much I love them already.

  • Daniele
  • 16Dec 2014

We have been using TidyUp's cleaning service for eight months now and so far, we have received great service. The cleaning crew is always on time and very friendly. They are very attentive to your cleaning demands and we have never had to complain about breaking or mishandling items. The best part about their services is that it is extremely affordable, which means that we can make this a regular habit without it making a dent in our bank account. Frankly, we enjoy living in a clean home without having to do it ourselves. Thanks a lot!

  • Jane
  • 27Nov 2014

TidyUp had everything that I was looking for in a professional cleaning service. Their upholstery cleaning service literally gave my sofa and carpets a new colour, not to mention that my curtains seem to hang better after the clean. The best part of their service was that they got the fruit stains that my three-years old made right off! This means so much to me, because now I can let my son be himself without having to worry about irreparable damage to my upholstery. Thank you everyone at TidyUp for your excellent service at my home!