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Our Professional Team of Cleaners Can Save You Time, Stress and Hassle!!

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Have you ever wondered how you could save yourself lots of time, hassle, stress and maybe even money too?!

Our professional team of cleaners could be just the team that you need to help free you from your dreaded and unbearable house cleaning, office cleaning and other cleaning chores. Cleaning is something that needs to be done, but when you don’t always have the time, energy or patience to pick up your cleaning supplies and start cleaning, it is not always easy to keep on top of your cleaning duties.

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Unlike other chores and tasks that you may have to complete in your personal and working environment, cleaning is something that must be done. If you forget to clean or simply abandon your cleaning duties you will find that your property becomes dirty, unhygienic and unhealthy. It is not nice or healthy to live or work in an area that is unclean and perhaps smells unpleasant too, which is why hiring a professional cleaning company such as Tidy Up could save you in more ways than one. Nobody likes people who are unclean, neither do people appreciate unclean, untidy and smelly environments to live and work in so make sure you get to the root of the problem now and solve your cleaning issues today! One quick and easy call to 020 3397 4918 is guaranteed to save you time on tackling your cleaning jobs, as well as saving you money too on buying in expensive cleaning tools and equipment too.

Domestic and Office Cleaners

If you are a business owner then it is important to keep you office or working environment clean and tidy otherwise you risk losing your employees, business partners and clients too.

A good, clean commercial environment says a lot for your business and for you as the boss. Make sure that the cleanliness and aroma of your business space doesn’t let you and your company down when you can instead hire our professional cleaners to complete the task for you. We offer regular and inexpensive cleaning services to all of our clients, which will help to eliminate one stress off of your mind. Our team of cleaners will get the job done in a small amount of time and without causing you any disruptions or inconveniences whatsoever. A clean and presentable commercial space is the first and easiest way to instantly give your business a lift, so make sure that you don’t skip this easy tactic.

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A clean and fresh smelling home is equally as important, as nobody wants to live, sleep and eat in somewhere that has fell victim to dust, dirt, odours and stains. It is not always easy to reverse these adverse affects once the damage has been done, so if you don’t fancy tackling the job yourself which could mean spending out on professional and expensive cleaning equipment and supplies then hire our team of expert cleaners instead. Our professional and skilled cleaners can tackle and remove even the hardest of stains, odours and dirt so you won’t be disappointed with the results from our cleanings.

Tidy Up can provide you with noticeably better and cleaner results when we conduct any type of clean. Every one of our cleaners has years of experience in completing affective cleaning services and thanks to both our team of cleaners and our range of cleaning equipment, we are able to give every one of our clients outstanding and thorough cleans when we come to clean your property. For extreme cleans which will save you time and money, call us now on 020 3397 4918.

Our Testimonials
Mark D. 2023/06/28
The cleaners restored my carpet to its former glory. I can't thank them enough for that.
Sean F 2023/06/06
Conventional carpet cleaners and treatments weren't; doing as I'd hoped. So, I booked this firm for the job. I don't know how they managed it so easily. Professionalism and experience count for a lot.
Chris S 2023/04/09
Their carpet cleaners knew a thing or two about straightening the messy situation out. Tidy Up are professionals for a reason. I booked them in for the work and they did a wonderful job for me.
Paris M 2023/04/02
What their carpet cleaners did for me worked wonderfully well. I thought getting a carpet looking so clean was too much to hope for. Tidy Up worked their magic and left me with a beautifully clean carpet.
L. Jordan 2023/03/12
Their carpet cleaners removed all the stains and odours from my carpet, just as they said they'd do. It was the perfect service.
Stephanie Ross 2022/05/19
My sister just moved into her very first flat. It's located. As a gift, I hired these cleaners to come out twice a week. They are affordable with fantastic reviews.
Christa F. 2022/05/02
My roommate is such a slob. Luckily, this cleaning service was cheap enough for our budget. Their cleaners are awesome.
Vivienne R. 2022/04/01
Their cleaners did a magnificent job with the carpet cleaning. My darling husband spilt stuff all over the new carpeting in the sitting room. These professionals were able to remove all traces. I would recommend them to anyone.
Josh M. 2022/03/15
I live with several roommates in a large flat. Between us, we split the cost of cleaning services. Tidy Up's cleaners clean the flat once weekly and they do great work.
Monica Shepherd 2022/03/05
My darling husband surprised me by hiring their professional cleaners to come out to our flat every week to tidy up. They are great at what they do and it's nice not having to do it all myself.
Belinda H. 2022/01/12
The rug cleaning specialists from Tidy Up that were sent to my house were just that. They did a top job, essentially making my grubby rug look brand new again. It was a job well done, and for a fair price too which was just a bonus.
O. Thomas 2021/12/09
The cleaning professionals that were put on my job didn't hang about. They got to it straight away and accomplished what was needed to a high standard. They did brilliantly well for me. I'd highly recommend booking them in, whatever your cleaning issues may be. They'll be able to rectify them.
Jamie H. 2021/11/06
Their house cleaners did remarkably well for me on what was quite a tough task. But they handled it like the professionals they assured me they were. Only professionals would've been able to do such a job.
Melanie H. 2021/10/30
What their house cleaners did for me was all very thorough and professional. I bet if I'd gotten out my magnifying glass, I still wouldn't have found any dirt or dust! I certainly chose to hire the right company in Tidy Up.
S. Gorgis 2021/10/13
I got cleaners who I felt truly cared about the state in which they were going to leave my house in. They achieved the glorious clean I was desperately hoping for. I can't thank them enough!
Faye M 2021/10/08
I instructed Tidy Up's cleaners to pay special attention to my kitchen and bathroom areas. Those areas needed plenty of attention, plenty of elbow grease. They listened to my instructions. I came back to inspect their work and could hardly believe it. I had to wear sunglasses! Every surface was gleaming clean!
Rio S 2021/09/21
I had kitchen cleanliness issues. I hired Tidy Up to rectify them. Their cleaners did some outstanding work. When they'd finished, every surface, hidden and obvious, were gleaming. They made it look like my kitchen had never seen any action!
Gareth S 2021/09/03
I couldn't fault any aspect of the work their house cleaners did for me. I was very happy with everything that took place between myself and Tidy Up. I'll be hiring them again in the near future.
Marcus H 2021/08/18
I hired house cleaners from this company a couple of times now. Whenever I've done so, they've left me thoroughly impressed with the work they've carried out. I don't have to ask them twice. I don't need to supervise them. I just leave them to it and look forward to a top service.
Tina S 2021/08/06
I got house cleaners put on my job who were willing to go the extra mile for me. They really do have some top staff, an exceptional workforce!