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Clean Homes without the Work in West London

West London Cleaner CarpetsIt can be as simple as sorting few items to a complete overhaul of your home but cleaning up is a dreaded task. Moving furniture to vacuum underneath them, wiping every window, polish every item and more. This can take a long time to do but you are rewarded with a pleasant abode that you can relax in. However, obtaining this can be difficult but maintaining it can be stressful. You can dedicate many hours to getting your home or office clean but then within a few days it will start to get dusty and messy again and so you have no choice but to get back to work. Doping all of this can eat up valuable free time so if you want a spotless abode without putting in constant work all you have to do is get in touch with Tidy Up today on 020 3397 4918. We are a firm that specialises in handling people’s cleaning chores in the London region.

When you contact us, we will start to make your chores disappear because our operators are standing by. These people have had many years’ experience in the trade and so know the ins and outs and can offer you various tips and advice. They can answer any questions you have and give you a better idea of what has to be done. The more they know the better they will be able assist you because they can give you the specific information you will require and emceed the services we offer. All the guidance we give you is completely free and our services are at a competitive rate. Request a quote and we can give you one and know that it won’t Costa anything and you don’t have to commit to it until you are ready to finalise what you want.

Stain Removal in West LondonWe can send you members of our team and you can rest easy knowing that all of them are dedicated, loyal, hardworking, trained and professional. They will be able to perform any cleaning task and have all the equipment, tools and materials they need. They can see to your floors, walls, windows, ceiling, carpets, furniture, ornaments, clothes, and more. They will wipe, polish, wash, dust and scrub everything and organise goods so they are neatly and properly arranged. Our team can come to your home or office as often as you like so if you require help with an one off job or you want us to become a permanent fixture then we can what you need. They can work unattended during the day when you are at work, out on a weekend or after your workplace has finished for the day, so your building will be ready when you return.

We operate in the West of London, which is one of the larger regions that make up Greater London. It contains the boroughs of Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow and Uxbridge, as well as Fulham, Heathrow, Kensington High Street, Wembley, White City and more. Many parks can be found here, with the award winning Gladstone Park being the most prominent. Heathrow Airport is here and allows for easy internationals travel. Several sport teams represent the area in different games from football (including three Premier League teams), rugby, tennis, boxing to rowing. The Hammersmith Apollo and Wembley Arena attract musicians, comedian and other popular vents from all over the world and other theatres allow for various shows, dances and acts to be enjoyed.

If you want all the benefits of a clean abode, without all the hard work required, simply call Tidy Up today.

Our Testimonials
Adam A 2023/06/28
I hired their cleaning services. The service was spot on. I put a lot on their plate. They handled it all like the top team of professionals I'd hoped they'd be.
Oliva J 2023/06/10
The end of tenancy cleaning they carried out for me left my landlord very happy. He handed my deposit back to me without hesitation.
Elanor M 2023/05/23
The top-notch end of tenancy cleaning job Tidy Up completed for me ensured I got my deposit back. I was grateful for that.
R. Brent 2023/05/09
I did my research. Other companies in West London were charging me a lot for end of tenancy cleaning. Thankfully, I continued doing my research and saw it fit to hire this company when I did. I got the service I needed for a very good price.
Freya A 2023/04/03
Their cleaning services, considering what I needed to do, were ridiculously cheap to hire. I'm glad I did my research, looked into companies beforehand, and chose this company to handle the tasks.
L. Delany 2023/03/31
They had excellent reviews for end of tenancy cleaning so I decided to go with them. They didn't disappoint me or my landlord. He was happy that I'd gone to the effort of getting professionals on the job.
Belinda S 2023/02/27
The end of tenancy cleaning was completed thoroughly and professionally, importantly, to a standard my landlord was happy with. Tidy Up, the work they did, had a huge part to play in me getting my security deposit back.
Frankie M 2023/01/16
Their cleaning services have helped me out massively. Whenever any type of cleanliness issues arise, Tidy Up is my first port of call. They've always come through for me and have never once been disappointed. I'd recommend them to anyone without hesitation.
W. French 2022/08/03
My business regularly hires them for office cleaning. My business is all the better for it. Our offices always look like a professional workspace when they're done.
T. Purnell 2022/08/02
I deemed the end of tenancy cleaning service to be a specialist service. So, I thought booking them for the job would cost a lot. The quote provided, taking into account the standard of their work, just blew my mind. I was lucky I came across them when I did my research.
Richard H 2022/08/01
We were so happy with the standard of their office cleaning that we immediately reached out to them to sort out a weekly schedule. They haven't let us down thus far, and I doubt they will.
E. Quinn 2022/07/31
Hiring their office cleaning team proved to be cost-effective for our needs. We'll be hiring them again, that's for sure.
K. Lay 2022/07/23
The professional end of tenancy cleaning service resulted in me getting my security deposit back. I couldn't have been happier as I'd been fretting about that for some time.
H. Rutherford 2022/07/21
I thought it'd cost an arm and a leg to hire them for end of tenancy cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised with the quote they gave, and even more so, considering they stuck to it.
W. Watkins 2022/07/14
We got Tidy Up to do office cleaning for us before having some important clients over. They got our offices shipshape in no time.
L. Plant 2022/07/08
Their end of tenancy cleaning team did remarkably well for me. They cleaned to my specification and knew exactly what needed to be accomplished. The standard of the clean left me, and importantly my landlord, very happy.
F. Lawson 2022/07/07
They were cheap to hire for office cleaning. We could hardly believe it considering the standard of the clean. It was our first time dealing with this company and it won't be the last. It was all very impressive.
D. Stewart 2022/07/01
I knew I needed a professional end of tenancy cleaning service if I was to have any hope of getting my deposit back. Tidy Up, the terrific service they carried out for me, came up trumps for me.
Marlene T. 2022/05/19
I was using a different cleaning company before finding out about these guys. They are cheaper and their cleaners are far, far better.
Wendy Oswald 2022/04/10
I hired this cleaning service to make weekly visits to my flat. They have been with me for several months now and they've been fabulous. They get the place spotless and their rates are surprisingly affordable.