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How Working from Home Affects to Your Health

working at home

You may think that working at home is a blast, but having a home office has its dangers just like everything else in the world. But these dangers are more of the healthier kind. People who work at home tend to neglect certain things that are otherwise provided to them if they have to commute or travel to work in any other time. There are actually few benefits to working at home and many more risks that you have to struggle with. At the very least, working comfortably at home often predisposes you to take constant breaks and that interferes with your working schedule if you have not yet established a routine.

But here are some of the more problematic aspects of the home office:

#1 – The Bad Posture

Whenever your mum and grandparents told you ‘not to slouch’ and to ‘straighten up’, they never meant you were lazy or walking wrong – even though you were. What they meant was ‘act healthy’. A good posture is important for the proper development of bones and then their proper behaviour when being mobile. Bad posture can cause all sorts of health problems, many of which are solved by professional masseuses and chiropractors. And sitting down all day is rarely good for your posture. Working at home means that everything is just at arm’s reach, and even if you keep the whole home clean, that will not be a cure for the eight hours a day you remain seated. When going to work, you at least stretch your limbs and exercise your joints – going to the kitchen for a snack and home cleaning do not suffice in some cases.

bad posture

#2 – The Lack of Exercise

Whatever you may think, walking to work is actually doing more good for you than your actual lunch. A thirty minute walk is about as healthy as a day could start and you build up the energy to continue with the task at hand. Staying in and working at home, on the other hand, is kind of like stagnancy. You basically sit and work and the little exercise you are getting affects your organism in a very negative manner. Your joints will pop as you stand up, you will get sluggish, and most actions will actually take more effort than you remembered.

lack of exercise

#3 – The Chores

House cleaning and cooking were something you used to do to prepare you for the next day. But when you are sitting down all day long, most of the home cleaning you will be doing will be simply the upholstery cleaning, consisting of wiping a hand over the sofa’s surface to clear away the crumbs. Because they are pricking your skin. And then you can only hope that you get the inspiration to do some carpet cleaning. The fact is, if you work in your living environment, then you become accustomed to thinking about it as your workspace and it begins to suppress your outside-of-work activities. The best you can do in this situation is find a cleaning service that will help to keep the house clean while you work.

home cleaning

These three problems are not isolated cases – they are universal challenges you will face if you have to work at home. Deal with them as best you can so that you do not have to fall in the trap of the work-eat-sleep-repeat schedule of working at home. Break the cycle whenever you can and go outside – the sun is still a friend and a little vitamin D will not hurt anyone. And after a healthy walk, you can come back home and either do the domestic cleaning or continue with work – whichever pleases you a bit more.

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