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Why Leave Feedback for Your Cleaners

Posted on 13/05/2016

Rating Your House Cleaning Company is Very Important

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Let’s have a little ‘what if’ game. What if you want to make use of cleaning services? What if you find a few companies, but none of the people you know has heard of them? And what if you really, really need a cleaning company and you like what you see in this company’s website, but you want more details about them from a more personal source? Well, that is what company testimonials are for. Every company has a page that serves the same function as a ‘comments and complaints’ book in any store or bar. That is where you will find all the opinions of other customers about the company you have chosen. And, if you do decide to use their service, then it is important that you leave feedback yourself. Why? Well...

The Service
People who come after you and check the feedback page will want to know how good the services of these house or office cleaners are. They will want to know what other customers experienced so that they can make an adequate decision about hiring them themselves. There are important questions to be answered, such as: Was the service done fast? Was the service thorough? Does it seem long-lasting or a temporary solution? Was it green? And so on. When you answer all these questions in your own feedback, people will know better about the cleaning company.

cleaning company review

The Team
People will also want to know about the cleaners who came to help you. How many came? Were they prepared for the job? Did they use the right tools? Were they friendly? Were they punctual? Would you hire them again? Introduce the people reading the feedback page to the teams who came to your place and make them aware of what to expect. You might even feel appreciative towards some of the cleaners, so why not commend them, leave some thanks? This will help them within the company too, so serve compliments along with criticism.

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The Cost
The most important thing people will want to know: Is it worth the price? When you leave your review, you will be telling people about how is the price projected onto the service. People will know whether they are paying the right price for the right service, or wasting money on a sloppy service. Don’t be petty about the cash, be realistic about the job done and consider whether it was all worth it. But always be accurate and never exaggerate when it comes to money – people want only the truth.

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The Progress
And, of course, the most important reason you want to leave feedback is the company itself. Cleaning companies read their own testimonials pages and do make changes. By leaving a coherent and eloquent review, you are leaving constructive criticism. Taken into consideration by the company, this criticism will turn into better services for yourself and fellow customers. You make the company better by telling them what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. That way you can even make the company aware of some of the things they did not know were happening during services.

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Remember, your opinion matters. When it comes to customer services, it matters even more. Tell people what you think about something because you want to be informed about it as well. Just as you give an eloquent opinion about a service, the people who follow you will get to know their company of choice better and will be better prepared to make an informed choice about who to hire for their office or house cleaning.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.