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Who is the Better Cleaner?better house cleaners

We all know the traditional roles of men being the ones who are supposed to make money and provide for the well-being of the family, and women being the ones who are responsible for taking care of the house and the kids. Lots of things have changed during the years but it seems that even nowadays women are more responsible for the house than men even though most of the women are working out of the house all day too. Here are some facts about men and women when it comes to cleaning that will show you how hard it is to answer the question: “Who is the better cleaner?” The truth is there are good and bad domestic cleaners and it has nothing to do with gender.

men and home cleaning
1. How has men’s role changed in recent years?

There are lots of men that consider home cleaning as “women’s work”. Such men have probably been raised in a family that considered the woman as the person responsible for all the cooking and house cleaning. As they are growing up, they are looking for a wife or girlfriend that can take up the role of their mother and do all the housework. Since the 1960s however, lots of things have changed. Men have become more active when it comes to domestic cleaning than before. Men often want to help but are not sure what exactly to do. That is why most of them ait for their partners to tell them everything that has to be done. And although men may not be the best at dishwashing or cooking, they are definitely very helpful when it comes to the outdoor activities such as lawn care.

woman doing house cleaning
2. Women still do most of the home cleaning

Although people’s perception that women should stay at home has changed, women are still the ones that take care of the house. They are more likely to clean, cook, do the laundry and wash the dishes even though they also spend most of their day at work. Most women can’t stand seeing the house in a bad condition. That is why they prefer to clean the mess as soon as possible. While men can be better planners and can get the job done more quickly, women are better organised. They often feel calmed down after taking care of the mess in their home and get a feeling of accomplishment. Many women find domestic cleaning a great way to reduce stress. For them it is also a reflection of how they are feeling and how they take care of themselves and the ones they love.

sharing domestic cleaning chores
As already mentioned, it is hard to say whether men or women are better at cleaning. Women are the ones who spend most of their time taking care of the home’s cleanliness. However, there are men who do a great job too. As more moms are going to work, men are taking on more of the chores and even childcare. Moreover, there are also great professional cleaners who are men. It depends on the person’s motivation, organisation, individual skills and qualities. One of the best ways to maintain a well-organised and clean home is undoubtedly giving the chance to everyone to take part. This way both men and women can be very efficient and will help each other to turn their houses into clean and tidy places.

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