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Best Ways to Reduce the Dust in Your Home

cleaning dust bunnies

The word combination ‘dust bunnies’ brings a completely different image of the thing to what it actually is. When you hear it, you think of something cute, right? After all, what is cuter than the word ‘bunny’! But it kind of takes away from the cuteness to know that dust bunnies are dirt and dust spawned meshes of dust mites which cause allergic reactions, coughing fits and respiratory system spasms. You should be aware of them especially because of the nasty parasite which is the dust mite because of all the enzymes in its stomach that produce all those allergens you want as far away from your system as possible. Hence, taking care of the dust bunnies in the most ruthless way possible is much required to keep the home clean and safe and healthy.

dust ball

The Appearance of Dust Bunnies

But how did this come to be? How are these obstacles to proper house cleaning created and how do they form the dust mite environment which we constantly seek to avoid? It’s actually not that complicated an explanation to give. Dust bunnies are formed by pieces of hair, lint, ash, dust, cobwebs, smaller pieces of rubbish, and dead skin (in case you didn’t know, 70% of dust is actually created by dead skin cells that fall off your body). Whenever they are moved either by an air current, or when you move around them and push them aside, they pick up some static electricity which helps them interact with each other and basically creates magnetic attraction between them, sucking them into the shape of a ball. It’s a passive process that happens on a daily basis and you cannot actually escape having to deal with these little dust rodents.

house cleaning

The Solution to Dust Bunnies

Prevention is not always an option. You can do your best to clean the home on a regular basis, but it’s basically a law of nature that they will form – if not in obvious places where you do regular cleaning, then on hard-to-reach spots where you rarely go and the result is pretty much the same. Battling the dust bunnies is done with consistency and frequent domestic cleaning. Having a proper schedule usually means that you will do a great job keeping the dust bunny count to a minimum and keeping their size relatively small. Yes, the more you ignore the dust bunnies, the bigger they become since there is constant movement of dust, rubbish, hairs, and ash in the air. Here are some more tips you can implement in your daily cleaning routine:

Have a regular daily cleaning routine. Don’t be coy, we are aware that not everyone has one, but if you want to keep your home safe from dust, it is required.

vacuum cleaner

Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and do frequent vacuuming. 15 minutes a day can be the whole difference between you breathing clean air and swallowing leftovers from the latest creation behind the cabinet.

Wash your sheets. Change the bed sheets every week to keep the lingering dead skin cells number to a minimum. This is the number one source of dead skin in the house and contributes the most to dust bunny creation.

floor cleaning

Absorb, don’t sweep. A mop or a microfiber cloth will beat a sweeper every day since they absorb the dust and dirt and don’t spread it about such as with sweeping.

Do frequent rug and carpet cleaning. Most of the dirt and hairs are lodged deep into the carpet tiles and that is where they stay until you walk over them, move them, and send them to the next bunny formation.

preventing dust bunnies

Implement all these tricks in your home cleaning routine and your home will be free of things like dust bunnies. You won’t have to worry about accumulation of dust and dirt, and you won’t have to worry about dust mites, allergies and chocking on the actual air you are breathing. Get the home clean and keep these nasty problems away.

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