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Weird Cleaning Ideas That Actually Work

Posted on 12/08/2020

Unusual Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Weird Cleaning Ideas That Actually Work

You maybe think you know everything about cleaning – equipped with a sponge in the one hand and a cleaner in the other. Or you are one of those people who get tired even by the bare idea of doing the dishes. Let’s be honest, the conventional cleaning methods are hard and time consuming? Thankfully, you can make the domestic cleaning a breeze, without getting broke. Take a shortcut with these unexpectedly effective hacks.

Dirty Little Secret

You are not the only one who detests scrubbing off tomato sauce, crusted food or greasy spots from the microwave. Only because none sees it, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean it. Put a safe bowl filled with water and washing detergent in the microwave for 5 minutes.  When the solution heats up, it will loosen the dirt and stuck up food. Then all you need is to wipe the microwave.

Clean Microwave Tips

Clean your toaster in 5 minutes

Yes, all you need is 5 minutes to make your toaster look brand new. Remove the crumbs inside your toaster with a clean tooth brush. Wash the exterior with a cream tartar, a few drops of water and a sponge. Did you know that you can get rid of the melted plastic from bread packaging by applying a nail polish remover? Clever, isn’t it?

Clean Toaster Tips

No More Burnt Cookware

We all know the pain of burnt food on pots and pans. Save yourself the cleaning drama by adding some club soda in the cookware while it’s still warm. The bubbly liquid will keep the sticky mess at bay.

Clean Cookware Tips

Calling Dr Panadol, Iron Cleaning Duty Calls

If you thought that those old stains on your Iron are impossible to deal with, then you have obviously never tried the proper medicine. Literally. Take your iron and turn it on, set it on wool or cotton ironing. Now take a Panadol pill and a clean rag or towel. Rub the pill over the stain on the heated surface and watch the stain vaporise and liquidate. Now wipe it off with the rag and you are done. Repeat a few times if the first attempt doesn’t get the whole stain off and watch as your iron shines.

How to Clean an Iron

Baking soda & lemons kill the germs

Only because, they don’t contain chemicals, doesn’t mean that baking soda and lemons are not good disinfectants. Fight the dirt in your kitchen sink with these powerful ingredients. Sprinkle baking soda over the surface and scrub it with a toothbrush. Cover the drain with a sliced lemon to get your sink smelling fresh.

Clean Sink Tips

Waxed Paper + Rubbing Alcohol = Sparkling Faucet

The faucet is not the first thing that comes to mind when doing your house cleaning. That is why you usually put it aside. Don’t neglect the faucet, simply because you didn’t have time. This is not an excuse, especially when you have this fast and ingenious method in hand. Prevent the finger prints and water spots, by rubbing the faucet with waxed paper. Wipe the greasy residue by using vodka. If you don’t want your drink to go to waste, use rubbing alcohol.

Clean Faucet Tips

Bring Some Bling

Your parents are visiting in an hour and you need to make your home neat quickly? Shine your stainless steel with a spray furniture polish or baby oil. It will make your living space look so much better, even if you don’t have time to dust the shelves or wash the windows.

Sparkling Furniture Tips

Your dishwasher also likes Tang

You are probably sceptical about this method. After all, the product contains sugars and food colouring that can potentially make even more mess. Surprisingly this is not the case. The fruit – flavoured drink contains acid that efficiently removes the dirt. Don’t believe? Pour a cup of the powdery ingredient in the dishwasher. You will be amazed.

Clean Dishwasher Tips

The ultimate oven cleaning

Oven cleaning can be a quite traumatic experience. Okay, you won’t need a therapy after it.  Bu the bare idea of getting near to the oven with a sponge and cleaner is unthinkable. The bad news is that you need to deal with it eventually. Then why not do it the smart way? The smudginess between the oven glasses can really make your oven look disgusting. Get rid of the scum with a wire hanger and glass cleaner wipes. Deal with the crust inside by covering the walls of the oven with a baking soda and water paste. Leave it overnight and then scrub it.

Clean Oven Tips

How to Clean an Oven

Cooker liners save time and efforts

Some cooking endeavours can turn into a real disaster. We’ve all been there. If you don’t want to spend hours trying to clean your messy cooker, use liners.

Clean Cooker Tips

Baking enthusiast beware!

Love to bake, but you hate rubbing the burnt scrubs? Cover your bakeware with aluminium foil. The food will stick to the foil, instead to the cake pan. A little disclaimer here. It will not, however, save you if you forget your dessert in the oven for too long.

Clening Oven

Breathe new life into the old cutting board

Lemon and salt are not only for your tequila. Transform completely your cutting board brand new by sprinkling generously salt over the wooden surface and then rubbing it with a half sliced lemon. These two will cover even the deepest marks. For the white plastic ones use vinegar and baking soda.

Clean Cutting Board Tips

Lazy Blender Cleaning

Yes, all this time you were doing it wrong. Wash your blender in three easy steps. Pour some of your washing detergent and warm water, turn it on and have fun.

Cleaning Blender Tips

Microwave your sponge

When you think of it, your sponge is pretty gross. Still you use it wipe different areas around your home like the kitchen countertops. Instead of cleaning, you spread more germs. Yaks! Disinfect the kitchen sponge by putting it for 5 minutes in the microwave.

How to Disinfect your Sponge

Say Goodbye To The Gunk

Imagine opening your kitchen cabinet and getting this sticky and hideous feeling when grabbing the handle. You might not realize it but these appliances can accumulate a lot of dirt. Make your own gunk remover by mixing 2 parts baking soda and one part coconut oil. Problem solved.

Cleaning Cabinet Tips

Fight oil with oil

This is not some crazy talk. You can actually do miracles with a couple of drops of oil in areas when no scrubbing can help. Like the stove hood! It’s beyond any doubt that almost any household needs to deal with this problem. Just pour a little bit on a paper towel and go over the stained surface. This will instantly erase the greasy spots.

Cleaning Kitchen Hood Tips

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Richard Carey

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