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Tricks for Removing the Top 5 Most Common Carpet Stains

Posted on 07/03/2016

How to Remove the Most Common Carpet Stains

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Keeping stains off your carpet is your best bet on maintaining it in top shape for longer. However, an accident may occur sometimes and it is in such situations where you need to consider what the most effective way of getting a stain off the carpet is.

Always remember that acting quickly is essential as allowing the stain more time to set in will lead to higher risk for the carpet. You most certainly don’t want a permanent stain. And while it is true that there are many products that can aid you in carpet cleaning and stain removal, you should not make quick decisions on what to clean with. It is best if you use proven methods and techniques, as often the safest and most effective solutions are less obvious and not so well known. Read on to find out a number of effective methods against some of the most common carpet stains.


-    Blood stains - it is normal to fear for the carpet if such a stain occurs. Cutting your finger while preparing the salad is not that unlikely, but you should rest easy for it’s not that difficult to clean the stain. First, fill a spray bottle with cold water and add two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Spray it on the stain and let the stain soak in the solution. Blot with a clean cloth and rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure should the stain persist after one application of the cleaning method.

coffee stain removal

-    Coffee stains - if you spill some coffee on your carpet, you should address that as soon as possible. Coffee stains leave a very noticeable brown spot that can ruin the entire look of the area. To avoid that, you should perform the following cleaning service. First, dry with a clean towel. Be careful not to spread any excess liquid further and increase the stain. Then mix a solution of vinegar, water and a non-bleach detergent. Spray liberally, let it soak for 10-15 minutes and blot. Rinse with water and see if the stain is gone. If it is not, you can repeat the same procedure, possibly with a specialised cleaner that many of the more famous stores have on offer.

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-    Pet stains - if you have acquired a new puppy for your home, you must not feel mad if they make a mess on the carpet. Be prepared to face such challenge, for the animal may need some time to get properly trained. Pick up any excess debris first. Blot as much of the liquid as you can, in case the stain is wet. Should you come home to find a dried pet stain, you have to moisten it first. It is best if you don’t experiment with any homemade solution, but rather keep a carpet cleaner formulated to cope with pet stains for such situations.

cleaning wax stains

-    Candle wax stains - candles are a must if you are after setting a romantic atmosphere in your home. Unfortunately, the wax may sometimes end up on the carpet. There is no need to panic or go for any special cleaning solutions. First scrape off as much of the excess wax as you can. Then press a white cloth on top of the stain and iron it over. This will melt the wax and transfer it to the cloth.

ink stain removal

-    Ink stains - you may fear that your carpet is ruined forever, but don’t give up the fight just yet. There is a great stain removal technique that works great in such situations. Dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and dab on the stained area. Never rub and scrub, as that will spread the stain and this is the last thing you want. Let the isopropyl alcohol solution sit for few minutes, and vacuum it up. It may take several attempts, but there is a high chance for the stain to come off.

Effective carpet cleaning methods such as the described in this article can be used with great success against the most common stains. Keep in mind these techniques, as they can be the thing that saves your carpet from trouble in the future. 

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.