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Bizarre Explanations Why You Don’t Sleep Well


You are struggling to fall asleep? If you toss and turn all night at night, it’s hard to get enough rest and be fully productive the next day. Feeling tired can have a huge impact on the quality of your day. Often the reason is simple - your snoring husband simply won’t let you get any shut-eye all night. Other times the source of your sleeping problems may be less obvious. Here are a couple of bizarre explanations why you don’t sleep well.

mattress cleaning

Your Mattress

Where you lay can have a huge impact on your sleep. Clean sheets can help you swift into sweet dreams more quickly than your thing. On the contrary, dirty bedding can trigger allergic reactions. Sniffles and sneezes during the night can ruin your sleep. The mattress and sheets are ideal places for dust mites, mould and mildew. Cleaning and washing your bedding regularly is essential for the good sleep. Wash your mattress cover in hot water. Try deep cleaning the mattress at least once every 3 months to prevent dust mite infestations.

calming lavender scent

Interestingly, smell can also play a sufficient role in how well you sleep. According to studies, some scents like lavender decrease the blood pressure and the heart rate, leaving you in more relaxed state. You can consider using cleaning products and fabric softeners with lavender fragrances.

partner in pain

Your Partner’s Pain

It turns out that your partner’s chronic pain can hurt your sleep as well. The findings suggest that there is a relationship between the closeness of the relationship, and a spouse experiencing poor sleep in response to their partner’s knee pain. The study included more 140 couples, where one of the spouses was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

full moon

The Moon

According to Swiss researchers, the phases of the moon can impact your sleeping behaviour. The study showed that our days before and after full moon people have experienced poorer sleep quality. They slept 20 minute less and spent around one third less in deep sleep. Although, you can’t do much about it, you will at least be prepared for the slight difficulty to fall asleep.

anxiety issues

Sadness and Anxiety

Good night’s sleep is the first thing you sacrifice when life becomes busy and hectic. Lying at night and obsessing over a problem will not only sabotage your next day but may also impact your health. Anxiety and depression rank among the most popular reasons for insomnia. Although often sleep deprivation is triggered by external factors, the brain becomes conditioned to feel anxious even after the issue is long gone. You can try a well-studied method called stimulus control. When feeling fretful, simply get up and go to another part of the house. In this way, you will not associate the bed with anxiety. If you are worried about something, write down all your concerns and possible solutions early in the evening. Cleaning out these issues before you go to bed is an effective strategy against the stress.

protein dinner


Eating protein close to bedtime is bad for your stomach and your sleep. Protein requires a lot of energy to be fully digested by your body. It’s better to get a light carbohydrate snack. In general, avoid eating right before going to bed, because you won’t get any sleep and you will gain weight.

Whether your sheets require a little cleaning or your eating habits need an update, you now know what to do next time you have troubles sleeping.

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