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How to Deal with High-end Finishes During House Cleaning

cleaning high end finishes

House cleaning often times requires knowledge about a variety of surfaces and how to handle them in an efficient manner. Recognising every type of surface’s needs makes the home cleaning that much simpler and knowing how to do it basically brings the hardship of the job of house cleaning to the absolute minimum. One of the biggest challenges you will face in your life in regards to domestic cleaning is dealing with high end finishes, but it is just as easy to overcome as everything else when you have the knowledge and the tools. All it takes from there on is merely putting in some effort into it and making the best out of the situation. Here is a more thorough guide on how to deal with high end finishes:

cleaning marble surfaces
#1 – Marble

Some people like furnishing their homes with marble counters; others have marble stairs inside their flats or as a separation between storeys. Whatever the use, that is not what you need to know. You need to know three things: which product to use in order to clean marble, which tool to use in order to clean it, and how to clean it. As far as products go, all you need for marble is water and a strong arm to scrub it with. If that is not enough, then get castile soap, since it is a slick and organic solution. As a tool, you should use a broom to first deal with dust and crumbs, and then use a mop or a microfiber cloth along with the water and soap. The way is simple: sweep or vacuum, then mop or wipe. Marble is fairly simple to clean.

sanitizing granite counters
#2 – Granite

A popular material for kitchen counters, kitchen islands, floors, and shower walls. A very nice addition to the house and you don’t even have to worry about leaving scratches since this type of material is quite sturdy. Dish liquid and castile soap do a fine job of cleaning it. Actually, pretty much everything does, but you should avoid home cleaners with acidic properties, such as lemon juice and vinegar, as their acid could etch the surface of the granite and you don’t want that. A sponge or a microfiber cloth should do fine with whatever cleaner you choose. Wipe in strokes, repeat, rinse, repeat again. And then repeat till the surface shines. It is not the hardest thing to do and granite is also quite tough, so you can press the tool down on it as hard as you feel comfortable with without any chance of it breaking, unlike the next finish:

glass cleaning
#3 – Glass

Used for walls, tabletops, shower doors and others, glass looks great in the proper environment. But you have to be very careful when cleaning it. It is not the most fragile thing, of course, but still many things could go wrong when trying to clean it. Scratches, smudges, scum, etching: all of these are problematic aspects of cleaning glass, so you better use the right method. White vinegar is the way to go here. It is no coincidence that the best homemade window cleaners are created with water and vinegar. You can do the same – simply take a spray bottle, fill it with water and vinegar, add lemon juice for aroma, then spray and wipe with either newspaper or a microfiber cloth. This is the easiest method of dealing with glass and it works perfectly. What you should stay away from if you venture into other techniques, is powdered cleaners. They will leave scratches and ruin the integrity of your glass surface.

kitchen cleaning
These are among the most popular high end finishes found in homes. Learn how to handle them and you will be quite ahead in the domestic cleaning game. Most of these methods are perfect for the unmentioned finishes such as travertine, slate, hardwood, and concrete too. Test and see it for yourself.

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