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How to Clean After a Major Renovation Project

after builders cleaning

Home renovations come in all shapes and sizes; from a fresh coat of paint to the construction of an entirely new extension. The one thing all of these projects have in common is the likelihood of there being some kind of mess left behind when the job is done. Whether this is spilled paint or a thick layer of dust, you need to know how the experts suggest going about a builders cleaning operation.

1. Successful after builders cleaning requires preparation and the correct range of powerful cleaning detergents. Cleaners specifically designed for post-construction cleaning tasks will be able to deal with issues such as descaling and deliming of household surfaces and the removal of cement dust or paint spills.

domestic cleaners
2. As with most cleaning tasks, prompt remedial action is paramount. The quicker you act, the easier it is to get things clean and the less chance there is of dirt and grime spreading or baking in.

take prompt action
3. If your budget allows it, it is best to use professional cleaners to get rid of the upheaval and dirt that follows a refurbishment. A professional cleaning agency will provide the appropriate equipment, tools and products to efficiently and thoroughly rid your property of the debris created by home repairs.

professional house cleaners
4. Check with the cleaning contractors to establish that they will supply environmentally-friendly products for the clean-up procedure. Biodegradable detergents are not only ‘greener’, but they will also be non-toxic and healthier, allowing you, your family and pets to get back safely into any affected areas of your home sooner. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions should prevent the problems of colour leaching or fading when used on painted areas such as walls, doors and ceilings.

green clean
5. A cleaning service provider should know the relevant Health and Safety regulations that apply to your post-construction cleaning requirements. Cleaning companies should provide workers with suitable safety gear to protect them from any potentially hazardous substances. COSHH (the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) guidelines should be followed by all professional cleaners.

safety gear
6. Examine as many companies as possible before engaging a contract cleaner. Compare prices and the reviews of previous clients. Remember that these people will have access to your home, family and belongings – should any workers have been background checked before you allow them into your house?

compare prices
7. Make the most of the cleaning company that you decide to hire. Get them to undertake the chores that you hate. This might mean getting your chosen cleaner to stay on for a while once the after builders cleaning is complete to do things such as cleaning toilets, washing down tiles and getting rid of pet hair. Hiring a professional cleaning agency will save you the cost of having to buy a huge range of specialized and expensive cleaning products. The house cleaners will supply all the kit and detergents needed to achieve the highest quality results at affordable prices. You just need to pay a fee and make them a nice cup of tea.

home cleaning
8. Having your contract work done is always important, but you will do well to plan something towards your clean up operations into your budget from the very start. Having the right amount of funds available to have the area cleaned and cleared immediately will mean that you can start using your new extension, or building. In this particular case, failing to do so could leave you with an unsightly mess in the place of what may have been intended to serve as a place for guests.

budget-friendly cleaning services
Follow this guide and you will soon be able to enjoy your newly built or renovated property to the fullest. Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the life span of you furnishings, which is just another reason why you should spend some time and money to address the cleaning chores in your home.

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