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How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood

exhaust hood cleaning

Cleaning underneath your stove hood might have never been on your mind. However, you should definitely look into it soon, as there is truly a great amount of spoils that can accumulate there. In case you have never cleaned the spoils, be prepared for some nasty sights.

Cleaning the exhaust hood is very important, because with too much stainsaccumulated there, it may lose its effectiveness. In fact, the reason you are cleaning could be exactly that it has blocked and not doing what it’s supposed to! Luckily, cleaning of this kind is not hard at all, and you needn’t worry at all. In fact, there is a very simple method, which will be outlined in this article, featuring an eco-friendly solution: baking soda. It’s simple, quick and easy. Let’s get down to business:

eco-friendly cleaning

-    Remove the hood filters - inspect the filter to see how you can remove it from the hood. Normally you can expect them to pop out or slide easily. Some filters might have screws, which you need to take care of. If that is the case, be careful not to lose the screws. It should not be too difficult to separate the filter from the underside of the hood.

-    Fill your sink with boiling water - since your filter will likely be very grease, hot water is going to be one of the main tools used for cleaning that. You can get that from your tap, or boil it on your stove, whichever works best. If you cannot cap and fill your sink, you can use a bucket instead; it serves the same purpose.

clean the exhaust hood

-    Pour baking soda and dish soap - squirt some liquid dishwashing soap or detergent in the water and add a quarter cup of baking soda. Swish around to make sure the ingredients mix. You will know your cleaning solution is ready when the water has become soapy enough.

-    Place the spoiled filters in the water - take the filter and submerge it whole in the water. Make sure that it is completely covered so that it can come out clean and shiny later. Be careful with the water, as it should be really hot.

kitchen cleaning

-    Let the item soak for 10 minutes - you need to leave the solution and hot water enough time to do its job. Don’t hurry, as you don’t want a poor result.

-    Scrub - after enough time has passed, take a scrubbing brush and work with it to get the hood filter thoroughly clean and sanitised. If you need to boost the cleaning power of the scrub, add more dishwashing soap to the brush, if needed.

-    Rinse and dry - after you are done with scrubbing, your hood filter should be looking as good as new. Give it a proper rinse and dry it with a clean cloth or towel.

kitchen cleaners

-    Put back the exhaust hood - after you dry the exhaust hood filter, assemble the components and you will be ready to continue your cooking efforts without worries. Consider further cleaning service in one month, or maybe sooner, depending on how often you use your stove.

Now that you know just how easy it is to clean the exhaust hood, you will rest easy. You can easily perform the described technique every time you need to and it will always work wonders.

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