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Best Tips to Keep Your Floors Spotless

floor cleaning

If you don’t think that there is a certain way to use the mop and vacuum cleaner, then you are sadly mistaken. Every item has its uses and there is a special use and techniques for doing everything. That goes for home cleaning as well, and if you want to do your floor cleaning properly, then you should learn how to best use your mop and vacuum cleaner. Once you have the hang of the perfect technique, you will be able to turn them into habits and turn house cleaning into a walk in the park – and will have time for real walks in the park as well! Here is what you need to know.


What You Need
The first step to any floor cleaning is knowing what you will need to do it thoroughly. It goes without saying that you need the two titular characters – your trusty mop and vacuum cleaner. But that is not all. To have the full cleaning gear, you also need rubber gloves. People usually neglect the use of protective gear when doing any home cleaning and thus get germs all over them which occasionally leads to illnesses. You want to avoid that, so keep your rubber gloves at hand... or, on the hands, rather. You will also need a bucket for the mop, better if it is a bucket that comes with the mop, for easier use. And, lastly it comes down to the right cleaner. Now, there are many different floor, carpet, and rug cleaners out there, so you need to either stick to the ones you are used to, or do an extensive research and spend money on an expensive cleaner, but one that gives results. And if you are the eco-friendly type who does not want any chemicals, either use a mixture of water and vinegar, or forget about mopping and vacuuming altogether and get a steam cleaner.

vacuum cleaner

Best Strategies
For carpet and rug cleaning all you need to have is a vacuum cleaner and special cleaners in case of stains. That is pretty much it. Frequent vacuuming should take care of any challenge a carpet or rug can throw your way.

carpet cleaning

For bare floors, however, you will need to put that mop into good use. First, of course, you should vacuum so that you get rid of the upper layer of dirt and dust so that you don’t waste time redoing the floor with the mop. After you are done vacuuming, mix water and cleaner into the bucket and dip the mop. As you can expect, next comes the squeezing out of as much water as you can from the mop, and then applying mop on floor. Do straight strokes from side to side until the entire room’s floor is glistening. Next you wash out the mop and use clean water to rinse the floor. This is especially important if you used a chemical cleaning agent and you have kids or pets – you need to sanitise the floors as best you can, so a rinsing will wash out the toxins and leave a clean surface.

mopping floors

Yes, this strategy of floor cleaning might resemble the classic one already practiced ever since mops were invented, but there is a reason for that: don’t fix what is not broken. You don’t need a fancy technique with figures of scrubbing and frequency plus level setting on vacuuming. Your floors are handled best with the classic methods: you take care of the dust with the vacuum and you shine and sanitise the floor with the mop. It has always been as simple as that and there is a reason why it has not been change so far. The only thing you do require to learn is discipline and to have a regular cleaning schedule. With frequent cleaning your floors will need less attention, and therefore less effort put into it.

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