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The 3 Cleaning Chores You Should Not Attempt On Your Own

Posted on 15/01/2016

Cleaning Tasks Best Left to Professionals

hard cleaning tasks

You should not be entirely in charge of the household chores if you don’t live alone, and not just because chores should be a shared responsibility. Even if you do live alone, you should probably get some help with some of the harder things you have to do about the house. Not everything done when home cleaning is so simple and easy that it should be done by just one person, no matter how hard-working and careful you are. With just a little help you will make cleaning chores a) much safer, b) much faster to complete, and c) more thorough. But among the house cleaning chores there are some that you should absolutely seek out help with or you will waste quite a lot of time on them. And here are the top 3 offenders:

carpet clean

1. Cleaning the Carpets
Deep carpet cleaning is tedious. Even that should make it a top priority to get your address book and seek out the closest friend who will be willing to help. Do not hesitate to call someone over and help you with the rolling and lifting of the heavy carpet, and taking it to an area that is suitable for washing, and then taking it to a place appropriate for its drying. Carpets tend to be heavy and carrying them around is burden enough, let alone all the cleaning you have to do. This chore should not be left to the hands of any single person, tediousness alone being reason enough – just the carpet cleaning will take you a full day with nothing else but small breaks and waiting to buffer the boredom with. With help, you will do the job thrice as fast with less effort. An even better option would be to seek out professional carpet cleaners and not do the job yourself at all.

restoring hardwood floors

2. Hardwood Floors Restoration
A lot of people decide on bare floors and soon they realise what a mistake that was as the hardwood floors begin to fail on them and a number of problems appear. Cracks and crevices appear, dirt builds up in those cracks and crevices and widens them, parts of the floor become etched, and those are the simple problems. And now imagine taking care of all this when living in a big house with a lot of floor space to take care of. Suddenly, even calling a friend does not make the job less challenging. In this case you should maybe consider investing in a cleaning agency. Many cleaning companies have brilliant hardwood floors restoration services which will make your floors look like brand new and will do that in no time at all. Tending to every single crack in your floor is a bit too much for any one person, so even if you want to do it yourself, at least call a friend.

cleaning windows

3. Window Cleaning
Yes, this might be a simple job... if you live in a one-storey house with but a few windows. But some houses have plenty of windows, and not all of them are within reachable distance. Sometimes window washing can take more than one day and that’s just a waste, no matter that all you need is a simple window cleaner and a newspaper. Get a friend over to quicken up the pace of that task, or hold the ladder while you are cleaning windows that stand higher up. Or how about just someone to make the job easier while you are cleaning the outside of your window in your third-storey flat? Even if just for a safety precaution, get a friend over when you expect a tough job of window cleaning.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you are dealing with home cleaning. In order to get the house clean and shiny, you need all the help you can get, and even if it is a simple job, then how about call someone just for the company?

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.