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Surprising Things You Can Do With an Orphan Sock

Posted on 05/08/2016

How to Utilize Your Orphaned Footwear

orphan socks

We all have at least one sock that ended up mysteriously lost somewhere between the washing and drying. Don’t be too fast to throw the singles just yet. The lonely socks can be re-purposed into a number of useful things around your home. From cleaning up your blinds to making a cute cup sleeve, here is how to utilize your orphaned footwear.

Pad Your Belongings

Lone socks can be of great help when relocating. Pad the delicate items by slipping a sock around them. Insert your favourite vase or other small breakables inside the fuzzy and soft pieces to ensure their safe trip.

Protect Your Flooring

Rearranging your furniture? Don’t risk damaging your hardwood flooring. Put socks over the chairs’ and tables’ feet instead of protector pads. In this way you won’t scratch the floor while sliding the furniture from one place to another.

floor protection
Remove the Dust

Slip your hand into a slightly damp sock and run it across the dusty surfaces. If you are wiping wooden furniture or other surfaces that attract a lot of dust, spray the area with your regular cleaners. This strategy works particularly well when cleaning blinds and other hard-to-reach spots. Your house plants look a bit dull? Refresh them by gently going over with a soggy sock. House cleaning has just become fun!

Make Your Own Coffee Sleeve

Grab one of your single socks and turn it into a cosy decoration for your morning cup of coffee. This easy, no-sew DIY project is great even for people with modest craft skills. All you need to do is to cut a straight line below the top and you’re done!

coffee sleeve
Keep Your Cell Phone Safe

If you don’t want to scratch your phone while working in the garden, cleaning your home or hiking in the park, toss your phone inside a single sock for extra protection.

protect your phone
Get Rid of the Cobwebs

Cleaning spider webs can be difficult, especially in the hard-to-reach areas. Simply put a sock at the end of a broom or yard stick and brush the annoying cobwebs. You can add it to your spring cleaning kit.

cleaning cobwebs
Banish the Bad Smell from Your Closet

Turn a clean sock into a scented sachet and fill it with dry coffee grounds or potpourri. Then hang it in your closet, fridge or another stinky spot. The coffee grounds will trap the unpleasant odours.

closet smells
Take Care of Your Car

Cleaning your car will be much easier if you use an old sock instead of a rag or a sponge. Whether you need to scrub down your ride or wax your vehicle, check your drawer for one of these lone socks first.

car cleaning
Never Go Out of Cleaning Rags

It seems like we can never get enough of cleaning supplies. If you go out of rags, use your odd socks. Even if they get dirty, you won’t feel bad about it.

cleaning rags
Organise Your Luggage

When you are packing for a vacation, it seems like you need to fit so many things in such a small space. To separate your footwear from you clothing in your suitcase, slip you shoes inside a big sock. The fabric will serve as a barrier protecting your shoes from scruffs and nicks and keeping the dirt away from your clothing.

pack luggage
Grow a Sock Garden

Socks are great for starting seeds for your garden and can be an excellent entertaining and educational project for your kids. Take one of your odd socks and fill it with soil and grass seeds and secure it with a rubber band at the end. Glue or sew a nose and button eyes, and draw a smile. Put the sock in a plastic cup or clear glass and watch how the grass grows.

Make a Toy for Your Pet

If you don’t want to spend money on pet toys, try one of the many DIY projects out there. You can simply fill a sock with a fabric and sew the ends or you can go more creative and turn it into a stuffed animal.

sock toy
Insulate Your Home

Don’t let the heath escape from your home in the winter by making your own sock draft stopper. All you need is two or three socks, batting or any type of stuffing and popcorn kernels. You can put it next to your drafty door or windows.

odd socks
With these ingenious ideas, you can give your lone, pair-less sock a new purpose.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.