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Summer Is Finally Over - How to Keep Your Home Clean

Posted on 16/09/2016

Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean This Autumn

autumn cleaning

Summer is finally over and, hopefully, you had a great time and a lot of fun! It is now time to get back home and start preparing your house for the cold winter months that are coming soon. One of the most important things you should start with is home cleaning. Spring isn’t the only season when it pays to clean and organise your home environment. Let’s not forget that since the temperatures are getting lower in autumn, you will certainly spend most of your time indoors. Many health experts suggest that deep cleaning should definitely be done in autumn in order to prevent dirt, germs and different allergens from taking over your home. Here are 8 tips on how to keep your house clean in autumn and have some cosy time around the fireplace knowing that everything has been taken care of.

1. De-clutter

Use the big autumn cleaning as the perfect time to get rid of all of the things you don’t need. Store all of your summer clothes in a place where you can easily find them the next summer. Remove all the items that collect dust such as old magazines and newspapers. Donate some of your unused items to a local charity shop and help those in need.

house decluttering
2. Go for steam carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning is extremely efficient as it kills 99% of bacteria and germs. It will help you get rid of the dirt from your carpets without using harsh domestic cleaning products and chemicals. You can also clean your mattresses using this method as the steam will kill off bedbugs and their eggs. Use a steam cleaner to take care of the curtains too.

steam carpet cleaning
3. Clean behind furniture

Whenever you are carrying out a big clean in your house, it is definitely a great idea to clean on top, behind and underneath furniture. Move furniture around and make sure you reach every spot. Remove all of the dirt, dust, debris and allergens. This way you will have a healthier home environment.

floor cleaning
4. Remove cobwebs

Summer usually creates an excellent breeding climate for spiders. That is why you need to look around every corner and find a way to remove the cobwebs. You can use an extendable duster which will make it easier for you to reach them.

removing cobwebs
5. Clean and store patio furniture

During the summer you have probably spent most of your time outside. Autumn is the best time to organise all of the furniture that you have in your garden or patio, clean it and store it in a safe storage space. There’s going to be a lot of raining coming soon, so you’d better hurry up!

patio furniture cleaning
6. Clean chimneys

It is a great idea to hire professional cleaners to take care of your chimneys. They will remove all the dirt and debris that may be stuck in them. Make sure you test the chimney in order to know that it is ready to use.

chimney sweep
7. Clean the roof gutters

You need to make sure that all roof gutters are clean as clogged gutters can result in leaks and problems with the windows, doors and house foundations because of rainwater dripping down the walls.

gutter cleaning
8. Deep clean your kitchen

Pay special attention to the major appliances in your kitchen such as the fridge and the oven. Remove all of the contents and the shelves from your fridge and clean it with an antibacterial domestic cleaner. Thorough oven cleaning is also recommended. The kitchen is one of the places that accumulate most of the dirt in your house. That is why it needs special attention and hard work.

deep kitchen cleaning
These are 8 of the best ways to keep your home clean in autumn and prepare it for the cold winter months. You and your family are about to spend most of your time indoors. Therefore, you need to make sure that the place you live in is completely free from dust, dirt and clutter. Turn autumn cleaning into something that you do every year and it will soon become one of the best habits you have. And last but not least, no matter what season it is, always try to maintain a clean and tidy home. This way you and the ones you love will be healthier and happier!

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.