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Should You Deep Clean Your House for a Party?

Posted on 26/04/2016

How to Clean House for a Party

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It’s time for a party! How do you prepare for it? Well, you get groceries, you get drinks and make proper food, and you look for entertainment for the night, whether it would be music or games, or watching videos and so on. But wait, that’s not all – how about house cleaning? Are you going to invite all your friends to a house that hasn’t been touched in days? And how about going further than that and doing some deep cleaning as well? Your guests deserve the best environment so that they can raise the best atmosphere. And here are the many reasons why.

Dirty Laundry
No, not the clothes in your laundry bin, though probably they will be a subject of examination as well and a quick wash won’t hurt. Actually, if you do a deep cleaning, you erase clues from all the things that your guests should not know about. Remember last night, when you got utterly drunk and you got sick over the rug? Well, a bit of rug cleaning will erase that trace and nobody will be able to make fun of you about that night when the neighbour was knocking on your wall. If you had any similar experiences, you will be able to hide everything you did for the last few weeks with a simple home cleaning.

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Dusty Surfaces
Nobody likes dust with their cocktails. The more clean surfaces you provide for the party, the better. Get your microfiber cloth out and start going from counter to counter, from table to table, from cabinet to cabinet. Be thorough and be fast – this is at least something that can be done quite quickly and does not require too much time to do. It’s a matter of quantity, not quality when it comes to dust.

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As implied with the dirty laundry, people can be a bit cruel when examining something out of order in your house. And you can be sure that every stain will be a subject of examination and your more creative and even more drunken friends will be able to come up with stories that will haunt you and you will be identified by for weeks, if not years, to come. Make sure you do a thorough stain removal for every surface you can see a stain on. And just in case you don’t see any, you could still have a go at most places. Upholstery cleaning, for example, should be absolutely mandatory.

furniture cleaning

Carpets and Rugs
You definitely want the carpets taken care of. Everybody will be stomping around, there will be chaos. If you haven’t done any carpet cleaning in a while, and you have dusty carpets, all those dust mites will rise higher than you can imagine. This is a particularly unhealthy way to party, so you better get a steamer, or even the services of a nice local cleaning company to come over do some steam cleaning on your floors. This will eliminate a huge part of the unhealthy lifestyle you will lead during the party – you can deal with your hangover effects later.

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And there you have it – plenty of good reasons to get up and do some domestic cleaning before the party. Don’t be lazy, because it will cost you in the long run. And – in the case of not cleaning the carpet and collapsing next to a friend’s feet – sometimes in the short run as well. Avoid such circumstances by preventing them entirely and you will be fine. Now start working and then start inviting, because it’s party time!

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.