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Genius Cleaning Trick for Your Bathroom

Regular house cleaning is not just about having a good looking home, but it is also about your health. Kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning absolutely have to be done with regularity and you should always make sure you create a schedule that works for you so that you can stick with it when it comes to home cleaning.
Cleaning your bathroom can be very easy if you maintain it in a good state. The key is tossing into the dust bin everything that needs to be tossed right there, on the spot. For instance, you should toss away empty bottles of shampoo as soon as you see there’s nothing left in them. These are things that don’t take much time but can save a lot when it comes to more general domestic cleaning.

Once a month, you should deep clean your entire home – and this includes the bathroom as well. You should clean everything in the bathroom by using deep cleaners (and keep in mind that this includes the tiles as well).

Aside from doing this though, you should maintain your bathroom (and home) clean throughout the month as well. The easiest way to do this is by organizing the week so that you clean something each day, but don’t spend too much on doing this. For instance, you can pick Tuesday as your “bathroom cleaning” day – and you can make this take no longer than 15-20 minutes (depending on how large the bathroom is and on how many of them you have).

Speed cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to mean that you simply “pretend” to clean and “cover-up” the dirt. You can actually disinfect everything in just a few minutes a week – and then deep clean everything once a month too. If you don’t know how to clean your bathroom quickly (and extremely efficiently), here are some tips to help you out:

Prepare a bathroom cleaning caddy you always have in handy. It should include a disinfectant, something to clean the mirrors with, tools and products to clean the toilet bowl and microfiber cloths for the mirrors, for the toilets and for the sink/ shower walls too (make sure to use separate cloths for each area of the bathroom so that you don’t spread out the germs). Also, remember to have an empty container where you can toss out clothes you have used so that you don’t mistakenly use them again for the same cleaning day.

•    Start your quick cleaning by spraying the mirrors and by wiping them clean. Use a quality microfiber cloth if you want to leave no traces on the mirrors and if you want to make sure they look polished and shiny.

•    Continue by spraying all the surfaces in your bathroom with disinfectant: the sink, the outside of the toilet and the bathtub or shower cabin if you use them on a regular basis. Allow the disinfectant to work its wonders and don’t wipe it clean just yet.

•    Instead, swish and clean the toilet bowl while the disinfectant “soaks” into the germs and kills them. If you have more than one bathroom, you can use this time to repeat the entire process in the other bathrooms as well.

•    Once that is done, return to the first bathroom and wipe clean all of the surfaces you have sprayed. Again, make sure you use different pieces of cloth (or paper towels) for each of the areas so that you don’t spread out the germs (the bathroom may look clean this way, but it will not be actually disinfected).

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