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How to Make your Office Cleaner

Office are a bit of a nightmare, they can get hectic, there is generally high traffic and they tend to get grubby so regular cleaning is essential. Most busy offices tend to have lots of visitors coming and going, clients dropping by, lots of staff members and usually lunch and coffee breaks are taken at the working desk so it’s no surprise really that they do get a bit messy.

 In order to keep offices looking in tip top shape daily cleaning duties are usually the norm, for smaller businesses this may be taken up by staff members where as larger corporate businesses will tend to hire a cleaning company who will come and clean the office at the end of the working day or first thing in the morning, before staff arrive.

Tip 1-Keep on top of the cleaning.

In order to allow a business run smoothly, regular cleaning is an n absolute must! If day to day activities such as tidying, dusting and vacuuming are in order then the office should be pristine enough to not affect the running of the actual business and is also it makes it more pleasant for staff.

Tip 2-Who should hire professionals?

If the business and office is particularly large it may be better to hire a cleaning company to come and clean the office regularly, most will hire daily so that the office is kept in tip top shape.

Cleaning contractors are experienced office cleaners and know how to clean offices effectively; some companies prefer to take out a contract with them so that they get a better deal. It usually works out cheaper to hire long-term rather than as and when you need them and also it guarantees their availability.

Smaller companies may get staff members to attend to the cleaning duties and this usually starts with junior staff members who will take on all kinds of roles and duties whilst they are in training but if you want to separate the cleaning from working staff roles you could perhaps hire a cleaning company to attend at the end of the working week, rather than daily.

Tip 3- Clean and reduce business costs!

Regular cleaning within the office can have more benefits than you may realise, for instance if carpets and soft furnishings are cleaned regularly it could help to prolong the life of it. If carpets are not cleaned often they will appear dirty and worn in time and will need replacing in order to maintain a pleasant and inviting environment.
Tip/ reduce costs by cleaning rather than replacing!

It’s no secret that staff will work better when they are in a nicer environment so if you want to get the best out of your staff then cleaning is well worth every penny you spend!

Tip 4- Office deep cleaning!

There comes a time when a deep clean is necessary, even at home we may need to perform a deep thorough clean at some point just so areas that are not usually addressed are attended to. Things such as cobweb removal, skirting boards and windows are all the areas we need to consider when performing a deep clean.

If your company does not hire professional cleaners normally it may be worth your while doing so just to attend to a deep clean. Professional cleaners will leave nothing unclean, they tackle everything within a deep clean and the difference to the look of the property following their visit can be quite remarkable.

TIP/ environmental health can drop by at any time, maintaining cleanliness in the workplace is good for all businesses.

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