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Approved Cleaning Methods to Keep Your House Spotless

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If there is a person in your life showing most attention to the cleanliness level of your home, it has got to be the mother-in-law. It can get a little frustrating at times, that is for sure. But at the very least you know that you can rely on some useful advice.

If you think that you can get away with just simple home cleaning techniques in order to pass your mother-in-law’s inspection, you are wrong. There are certain areas of your home you have to double check and make sure you address minor details that you thought were less important. Here are a few approved cleaning tips that go a long way in getting your home 100% clean:

furniture cleaning

- Don’t forget to vacuum under furniture cushions and pillows - you have probably heard that regular upholstery cleaning requires vacuuming in order to get rid of the ingrained dirt there. However, that is not the only part of your furniture that needs vacuuming. Did you actually consider that dirt gets trapped under the cushions and pillows too? Just because you don’t come into contact with the place it doesn’t mean that it will stay clean. Also, take off the covers and wash them.

carpet clean

- Make your carpet cleaning more effective - switch vacuuming patterns every once in a while in order to get off as much dirt and dust as possible. Use the vacuum in a horizontal pattern one time and switch to vertical the next time. Or, you can do both at the same time, if you really have the time and want to invest that much effort in carpet and rug cleaning.

bathroom cleaning

- Bathroom cleaning - it is not likely that you have forgotten your cleaning chores in the bathroom. However, surely you didn’t know that you don’t have to invest as much effort as you do currently. For instance, did you know that you don’t have to scrub the showerhead like crazy? Instead, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a plastic bag and wrap the showerhead into the solution. Let it sit through the night and simply rinse with clean water in the morning. You will notice all of the soap scum and hard water deposits disappear with ease.

mirror cleaning

- Bring the shine back in your mirrors - always remember that the best way to clean glass surfaces is by using microfiber cloth, which leaves no streaks. Pick your window cleaning solution and use horizontal and then vertical strokes with the cloth all across the glass surface. It won’t be long before you see clearly through your windows.

oven cleaners

- Address the oven - cleaning the oven in your kitchen is considered one of the toughest chores, which you postpone and delay until it’s too late and the smell of burnt food spreads all over the home. One proven method for oven cleaning features coating the interior of your oven with a paste-like compound. Let that sit for several hours so it can dissolve the built-on food and grease. Next, wipe clean with a towel and enjoy a freshly cleaned and shiny oven.

mattress cleaning

- Refresh your mattress - there are few places you spend more time in than your own bed. That is why mattress cleaning is so important. First, you should vacuum the surface thoroughly. This helps remove most of the dust. Next, sprinkle some baking soda, let it sit for 30 minutes and vacuum again. Enjoy a refreshed mattress!

All of these cleaning tips can pass the test of your mother-in-law with a perfect score. Don’t hesitate to implement them and you will win her seal of approval!

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