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Tricks on Removing Old Stains from Upholstery

upholstery stain removal

It is true that treating a stain as quickly as possible when it occurs due to an accident is truly the best solution. Acting quickly ensures that the stain will not have enough time to set in and it will be easier to treat it with the appropriate solution. Don’t always think that you can rely on professional cleaners.

Unfortunately, treating stains immediately is not always possible. Sometimes you return home only to see that your children have had a mishap and that your couch has acquired some new nasty stains. Upholstery cleaning may not seem enough to you, but do consider the fact that even though it will be difficult to get the stains off, you can still take some steps in ensuring positive outcome. Here is what you can consider to remedy the issue:

upholstery cleaners

-    Vacuum cleaning - vacuum cleaning your upholstery regularly can not only help keep it from accumulating too much spoils, but also greatly assist you in treating set-in stains. You may not believe it, but using the vacuum cleaner on an old stain can help fade it quickly. This is the most basic and easiest step that you can take when you notice a problem. It is also imperative that you clean the upholstery with the vacuum cleaner in case you have no idea what stain you are dealing with. Loosening all of the particles can greatly help with further stain removal.

vacuum cleaning

-    Know the cleaning codes of your furniture - how you proceed from there is often a question of what the cleaning code of your furniture is. It is an indication of what cleaning solutions work on the furniture and what is best recommended in case of a stain. You will find that some pieces should be treated only with water and others will do best with various cleaning solvents. In case you have vintage furniture, you may not be able to find a cleaning code, in which case you should proceed with caution. You will likely have to test a small area of the furniture first, to ensure that your upholstery cleaning method will not lead to any harm.

cleaning codes

-    Steam cleaning - one of the best methods for dealing with old stains is to rely on the purifying power of steam. If you lack the equipment, you may have to call sofa cleaners to work on the matter.

upholstery steam cleaning

-    Simple cleaning method - if vacuuming and steam cleaning have failed you, it is time to move on to other methods. You can first try out something that will do no harm to your upholstery and may remedy the stain - cleaning with water and soap. Apply some dish soap to cool water, and use a sponge to introduce the liquid on the stain. Don’t rub, as this can weaken the fabric; instead blot the stain with the sponge. Press a dry clean cloth or towel to dry the area. If water and soap don’t work, you may attempt to treat the stain with vodka or rubbing alcohol. Again, blot the area with a towel and dry it after that before you apply the liquid a second time, if necessary.

sofa cleaning

-    Heavy duty cleaning - if all else so far has failed to clean the stain, you will have to resort to more serious products. Whatever specialised cleaner you use should always be tested on a hidden area first, to ensure it won’t cause damage during furniture cleaning. See to it that the product you use is effective and that it has proven useful in stain removal process.

furniture cleaning

Going through this entire process may seem like a nuisance, but it is needed to ensure that you solve the problem without any permanent damage to your furniture. Treating set in stains may be more difficult than acting quickly, but can still be successful, if you follow the said procedures.

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