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Easy Steps to Win the Fight with the Dog Drool at Home

cleaning dog drool

Having a dog comes with many perks and benefits, but the slobber is not one of them. As your furry friend stares lovingly, waiting for their favourite treat to be served, they leave dreadful traces all over your home. Doggie droll can be a serious problem for walls, flooring, windows and other household appliances.
Sometimes getting rid of the pup’s slobbers requires more than going over the stained surface with a mop or a paper towel. The moment you tackle up the area, you see the pesky slobber spots glaring back at you. De-drooling your home is all about the right cleaning products and some manual work. Here is how to win the fight with the dog drool at home once and for all.

Immediate Action
Get to the scene of the crime as soon as possible. Don’t let the drool dry out, otherwise it will be harder to remove. The longer you let the enzymes, minerals and oils in the dog’s saliva set, the more the chemicals work into the surface’s material. Even if cleaning the slobber is the last thingy you want to do, be sure to clean the drool stains quickly.

carpet cleaning

The Right Cleaner
There are several cleaning products that can spare you the hassle of removing the doggy’s sticky leftovers.  Magic eraser is your best friend when it comes to getting rid of the dried drool. The product work wonders even in the areas where it’s been drooled over and over again like your pup’s eating spot. The abrasive structure of the melamine foam (magic eraser) is great at dissolving the enzymes and the natural mineral build-up in the saliva.
You can use the magic eraser on a wide range of surfaces including stainless steel, wood and laminate floors, walls and cabinets.

floor cleaning

The Green Alternative
Another way to loosen up the drool is by mixing a powerful eco- and pet- friendly solution. Fill a bucket with 3 parts hot water and one part vinegar. Then insert a few drops of mild dish soap. The warm water will make the spot easier to treat, while the dish soap will eliminate the oils. On the other hand, the vinegar’s acid will help break the hard as cement dried drool.

cleaning carpets

The Cleaning Method
You will need two cotton rags. Damp the first one in your cleaning solution and then squeeze it. Wipe the spot with the wet cloth, while being careful not to oversaturate the area. Use the other rag to dry out the excess.

Window Treatment
Looking out of the windows is one of your dog’s favourite activities. Whether they watch after your home or wait for you to come back, they often leave horrid spots on the glass. Luckily, you don’t need any special window cleaner for removing the slobber marks. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and you are good to go. The solution will not leave any streaks. Use white distilled vinegar and hot water. Dry out the glass with a soft cloth.

window cleaning

Furniture Solution
This is when the things get serious. Cleaning the upholstery is tricky, because you may permanently damage the fabrics. Rubbing alcohol is extremely effective against doggie drool. Apply a little bit on a cloth and gently rub the spot. Always test for discoloration in a “no-see” spot. You can also use baby wipes to get rid of the fresh stains. Keep in mind that different upholstery types require specific approaches. When in doubt, turn to the professionals.

sofa cleaning

The best way to eliminate the drool from your home is by preventing the stains from occurring. For example, place a big mat under the feeding area or use coverings on the spots where your furry friend loves to drool.

house cleaning

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