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Proven Methods for Candle Wax Stain Removing

wax stains

You are definitely going to set up a nice romantic evening for you and your significant other, if you acquire some candles and light them up. Play soft music in the background. Prepare with a nice bottle of wine. Curse and panic in fear as you see the candle wax stain your sleeve or dining table.

Actually, there is no need to panic. Candle wax stains are a common problem and there are many cleaning solutions and techniques that exist to help it. There is no need to ruin your romantic mood over such a small issue. You may think that candle wax is hard to remove, but it’s more a case of looks worse than it actually is. Here are some proven methods for stain removal of this kind that you should definitely try out, depending on the type of surface you want to clean:


- Felt - here is what you should do when it comes to candle wax stain removal from felt. The procedure is rather simple. It begins by freezing the wax in order to have it in hardened state. Once it has solidified, you have to scrape it off gently in order not to shred the fibers. For tougher stains, use a brush to carefully remove the excess wax. In the most extreme cases you can use a razor blade, but be very careful as it can easily damage the fibers.

carpet cleaning

- Carpet - make sure the wax has hardened before you attempt to remove it. You may want to freeze it to speed up the process. Scrape it off the surface of your carpet. If you want to be sure there is no damage to the backing of your carpet, you can use a spot lifter. Blot the area with an absorbent pad to ensure the stain is completely gone. Should you notice that there is still dye in the stained area, you can apply some rubbing alcohol diluted with water. Use the blotting technique to get the stain off completely.

iron the stain

- Washable fibers - these include linen, nylon, polyester, cotton, olefin and more. Cleaning service begins by scraping off excess wax from the material. Then place two pieces of blotting paper at each side of the stain. Gently press with a warm iron and be prepared to change the paper as it absorbs the wax from the material. Should any trace of the stain still remain, you can introduce a stain removal agent.

stain removal

- Non-washable fibers - these include burlap, rayon, silk, fiberglass, acetate and more. Harden the wax first and scrape it off the material. Using an absorbent pad located under the stain, flush it with a stain removal product. Let it dry and see if the stain is gone. Repeat if there is still trace of wax.

cleaning leather

- Leather and suede - scrape the wax after hardening it with ice cubes. In case further stain removal is needed, you can use a mix of water and fuller’s earth. Let the paste dry and brush off with soft-bristled brush. For best results, apply a leather conditioner once you remove the stain.

- Wood - it is rather easy to remove wax from wooden surfaces. Simply freeze it, scrape it off and you are done. You can then use a chamois cloth to buff the wood.

removing stains

- Silver - in order to ensure you don’t damage the silver surface you want to remove wax from, you should first let it harden. Scrape it off, and then wash the silver piece in hot soapy water. Rinse and immediately dry the item to prevent tarnish.

As you can see, removing wax from various surfaces is a rather easy feat that you can do with little effort. Don’t be afraid when you stain your clothes or any area of your home with wax, because you now know how to deal with the problem easily.

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