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Help and Advice on End of Tenancy Cleaning

move out cleaning

The first and most important decision you need to make before embarking on a move out cleaning spree is whether you want to bear the burden alone, or it is worth hiring professional cleaners to do the dirty work for you. A good way of measuring the costs of contract cleaners against the potential loss of a security deposit is to get a list from the landlord of exactly what has to be done and estimates for repair or replacement of items that are damaged or dirty beyond your cleaning abilities. Work out if you think the effort required for a successful end of tenancy cleaning will be worth your while, whether you are prepared to lose your deposit or you would be better off paying for professional cleaning services.

1. If you decide to tackle the cleaning yourself it is sensible to try to start the process in the rooms furthest from the front door. This way, you will not have to go back over cleaned areas that could become dirty again as you remove debris through them from other rooms and also makes sure that you do not end up cleaning yourself into a corner!

end of tenancy cleaning
2. Prepare a list of all the cleaning products needed to achieve a satisfactory result. If you do not have the right stuff in your cleaning cupboard, work out what it will cost to buy all necessary detergents etc. and balance these expenses against the price of employing a cleaning service. Bear in mind the time it will take you to shop around for all the requisite cleaners.

cleaning products
3. Try to reduce your cleaning costs and efforts by asking your friends and family to help. Make sure you keep any unpaid assistants happy with plenty to eat and drink. Enhance the experience by playing some music whilst you work. The promise of a housewarming party as soon as you have relocated can be a good inducement.

end of lease cleaning
4. Find out if the property owner has a discounted deal with their preferred cleaning agency. Is this cheaper than a deal you can find for yourself by an internet search or from companies recommended by friends and relations? Does the landlord offer a flat rate move out cleaning price regardless of the state of the individual property? Is this a better option if you have a lot of mess to deal with?

cleaning company
5. Make sure that you have all relevant paperwork safely to hand. Keep hold of your original documents such as the lease agreement, payment receipts and all legal contracts with regards to damage and the security bond. Ascertain if anywhere in these records it says that you have to re-paint or prime the walls of the property, as this can be a significant additional cost. Make sure that you give the proper notice as detailed in the terms of your lease and provide the landlord with your forwarding address to which you want your security deposit mailed. Don’t forget to return all keys.

The restoration of a rented property to a condition that satisfies the terms of the lease is an essential task that must be performed if you want a good reference and the return of your security deposit when moving on. It is a sensible first step in this restoration process to ensure that you have all the appropriate hygiene and sanitation products to hand.

post tenancy cleaning
Make a checklist to catalogue what chemicals, tools and cloths you will require for each individual room. That way you will have much less work to do when the time to do the end of lease cleaning comes.

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