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Staying on Top of Your Domestic Cleaning Chores Before Christmas

Christmas house clean

With winter comes snow and cold, but you also have Christmas to keep the soul warm. What is important to know about that, however, is that Christmas is much better spent in a clean environment, where all friends and family can enjoy the jolly holiday. But this requires hard work. Yes, house cleaning cannot be overlooked especially when you are preparing to greet that most enjoyable holiday, the one that truly takes you away from the boring everyday life and literally throws presents at you when not threatening you with old and bearded reverse house burglars. Naturally, there are easy ways of staying on top of your domestic cleaning chores before Christmas without breaking a sweat.

1. Make a List

The key to efficient cleaning is to know what needs to be cleaned. Sit down and think about what needs handling. The carpets? Sure, they will be wet and muddy during the entire season, so start with the carpet cleaning. The windows? Naturally – where else will the decorations go? The kitchen? That is a must, Christmas meals cannot be prepared in a pigsty. List all the rest of the important places that need to be cleaned and start preparing for the job.

carpet cleaners
2. Make a Schedule

You should not do all these jobs at once. You can divide the chores between family members or roommates and have them all help. Set dates for general household cleaning, set days for specific types of cleaning. Carpet cleaning, for instance, can wait till the week before Christmas as your carpets will probably stay muddy for a long time, no matter how much you scrub it.

domestic cleaning
3. Make it Green

Celebrating Christmas should not be done in the midst of the chemically-soiled furniture and carpets. Set the heavy duty house cleaners aside and do some old school organic cleaning. Look up homemade recipes for home cleaners on the web and use them to clean your home the eco-friendly way. This will ensure a natural environment to spend Christmas in.

clean environment
4. Make it Together

You will probably not be celebrating Christmas alone – it’s not the kind of holiday that lets you do that, after all. In that case, get the other parties involved as well. Hand them the mop and sponge and have them handle the window cleaning. When making the schedule, don’t include only yourself, make sure that all family members get a piece of the festivity cleaning.

home clean
5. Make it Entertaining

Domestic cleaning does not have to be boring. Combine it with other things to get and keep the mood up at all times. Music is the best way to do so – Christmas carols are a universally favourite music and you can get humming at least one song. Jingle the Bells while mopping, and get Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer involved as you deck the halls with boughs of holly, and let’s not forget the Little Drummer Boy as you pa-rum-pum-pum-pum it up to a sparkling house.

Christmas presents
Getting your home clean for the holidays can be done in a variety of ways, but if you follow these steps, then nothing less than an immaculate home awaits you come Christmas Eve. Roll up your sleeves, make an effort and make the holiday matter in more ways than one.

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