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Best Methods to Clean Gas Stove Top

gas stove top

Cooking inevitably creates a lot of mess, no matter how cautious and organized you are. The stove is probably the place that is most affected by all the baking, boiling and brewing. Although it’s best to clean the grease, stains and spills before they dry and turn into gunk, not all of us do it every time. The longer the residue remains on the surface, the harder it is to be removed. You can deal with the big chunks of burned food on the stove tops with a little extra scrubbing. However, the small spots around the edges of the burners seem impossible to remove.  To effectively eliminate the stains without damaging the range, you need the right tools and cleaning method.

What You Need
•    Dish Detergent
•    Sponge or Cleaning Cloth
•    Scrub brush  and plastic spatula
•    Kitchen towels or rags

cleaning supplies

Turn off the stove and ensure that it is cool, before you proceed with the cleaning. Start by removing the grates and knobs if you can. Fill the sink with hot water and add 2 tablespoons liquid dish detergent. Soak the grates and knobs in the soapy water, while wiping the stove top.

Squirt a little bit of dishwashing liquid onto a wet cloth or sponge. Try to not over – damp the sponge. You need to have enough detergent to eliminate the grease, not swimming pools of water dripping everywhere. Wipe the greasy spots and scrub away the spilled sauces. Rewet and apply more soap if needed. Don’t worry about the detergent residue. Your primary aim is to loosen up the dirt.

stove cleaning

Use a plastic knife or a spatula to scrub the dried burned left-overs from the stove’s range. Avoid using metal scrapers, because they can scratch the surface.  For the persistent stains, mix in a small bowl 2 parts baking soda with 1 part water and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Apply where needed and see how the gunk magically comes off. Always wear rubber gloves when working with this cleaning solution.

When you are done removing the grease and spots, rinse the sponge well.  Wipe away the remaining detergent and cleaner. Rinse the sponge often to eliminate the residue.

clean the burners

Buff away the water streaks from the surface with a clean towel. Be sure to get all water out of the water.  If you are working with stainless steel, swab in the direction of the grain.

Take the knobs you soaked in the soapy water earlier and scrub off the grease. Rinse the tools and let them dry. With a soapy scrub brush wash the grates in the sink. You don’t need to do this every time you cook. It’s enough to clean them once every couple of weeks.

You can clean the igniters by carefully scraping the soil with a damp cotton swab. You shouldn’t expose the igniters to excessive water as they might not lighten up.

It can be hard to de-stain the gas burner covers because the intense heat probably hardened the stains. In general, it is not worth the trouble. Plus the water may damage the clicking gas starters.

remova the grease

Don’t forget to wipe down the oven handles as well. They can also get greasy.

When the knobs and grates are dry, put them back in place.

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