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Average Home Cleaning Routine

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Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve lost an entire day simply scrubbing, washing, dusting and vacuuming? Sometimes it takes forever to complete all the household cleaning tasks. Plus, time magically starts to run more slowly when tackling tedious and sluggish household chores. To help you make you domestic cleaning more efficient and less overwhelming, we will take a look at the average home cleaning routine and some of the factors that can impact your housework.

Some Statistics

Ladies, it’s not your imagination. You are still doing most of the cooking, home cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. According to a survey, only 17% of the cohabiting couples share their responsibilities. This might make you think that the things haven’t changed much in the past 50 years. Actually women spend less time on domestic chores - around 11 hours, which is the equivalent of a working day. This doesn’t mean that women became lazier since the 60s. The modern woman goes out to work, then comes home and takes care of the house cleaning. On the other hand, men dedicate only six hours to doing housework. They are in charge of the bins, house repairs and garden maintenance.

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What Type of Home Do You Have?

Naturally, those who live in a big home will have more surface area to clean than someone who dwells in an urban apartment. Simple tasks like mopping the floor will take hours for a person with a bigger place, while the one with the smaller apartment will be done in no time.

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What Is the Number of People That Live There?

The more the people, the bigger the mess is. Even if you live only with your partner, you work will be double. People track dirt, shed hair and skin cells, leave stuff at random places and so on. Before you know it, your home is in desperate need of a clean-up.

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Do You Have Pets?

Having a pet can make things even more complicated. From shedding pet hair to spreading litter all over your place and damaging your furniture, your furry friend comes with its fair share of mess. Unless you have a fish, it will be more difficult and time-consuming to keep a house clean when you have a pet.

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What About Children?

If you have a baby or a toddler you need to provide a sanitised environment. Little children tend to crawl and touch everything they notice. Wiping and vacuuming the floors every day is a second nature to most mothers. As for the older children, they can be masters of disaster. Even the most polite and well-behaved kids will create extra work.

cleaning with kids
How Many People are Actually Involved in the Housework?

The way household tasks are divided will help minimise the amount of time that the individual needs to spend on cleaning a home. Distributing the different chores can be hard even for the well-adjusted individuals.

How Do You Use Your Home?

If you and your partner or family in your home live fulltime, you may need to tidy up more often. Everyday activities like cooking food can also contribute to the mess. Even walking around your home can cause dust and particles to cling to the surfaces.

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How Often Do You Clean Your Place?

If you haven’t cleaned your bathtub in a while, you may need to spend more time rubbing those stubborn rings and stains. Leaving the grime and dust to build up will make your job harder. Without a lot of dirt to remove, domestic cleaning will take less effort and time.

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The best way to cut down the house cleaning is by tackling the chores right away and spreading the tasks fairly among all members of your household.

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