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Easy After Party Cleaning Stepsafter party cleaning

Remember that party you had? You know the one – where everybody was dancing and drinking and eating and making a mess, where you were like a sentinel for the first few minutes, but then you had the can’t-beat-them-join-them epiphany. You know, the one you had yesterday. It might be hard for you to focus right now and maybe even harder to stand up, but you should quickly drink your morning coffee and eat your after party eggs breakfast to get some energy in, and then start house cleaning. Why so early? Well, the earlier you start, the less you will have to suffer afterwards. If that is no reason enough, then here are some more for your collection.

The Smell
After-parties have this particular smell that gets under your skin. It’s the smell of sick, an odour, to be more exact, that hits you right in the nose and then goes on to the inside and crawls until it is nestled somewhere within you and you need to get out of your house or flat so that you can breathe actual clean air. Well, often parties produce that smell when somebody can’t hold their liquor. So the moment you sense that, it’s time for home cleaning. Be thorough, be quick, and be efficient. Dealing with the odour is quite simple after you locate the source – you don’t even need specialised cleaning products because baking soda will solve all your problems. Even lemon juice will eat through the nasty spot and leave a fresher smell behind.

removing bad smells

The Aesthetics
Remember those stains you were supposed to take care of before the party? Well, if you didn’t, and if some drunk friend has been left unattended for too long after you passed out, then some of those stains might have acquired brand new features – a face, ears, a moustache. You will be surprised what lengths drunk people will go to put a moustache on something. You just hope you didn’t have any sharpies around. Then again, ketchup has a similar function. And if you have ketchup on your sofa, you should probably do something about that. Upholstery cleaning after a party is usually a must and the erroneous use of ketchup  if one of the reasons for that. If you didn’t have ketchup at home, don’t worry – there are other things around the house to be used. Drunks get quite creative sometimes.

stain removal

The Comfort
Come on, you know that your house has basically been turned upside down. The sofa is where the kitchen counter used to be, the chairs are upside down, your office desk has somehow been taken to the balcony. You should take care of all that before any of it becomes a problem. But before you do that, you get a nice convenient open space to do some proper house cleaning. Dealing with the carpet is easier when the sofa is not around, and that office has been needing cleaning for quite a while now, has it no? And then, when everything goes back into place, it will look even better, because it will be twice as clean.

house clean

And there you go – three perfectly good reasons why you should not procrastinate and do some home cleaning as soon as you can stand on your own two feet. The more you wait, the more those stains and smells will settle deep into your home’s surfaces and good luck getting rid of them then. Or then again, you can take the easy way out and simply hire a cleaning company. The professional cleaner will tidy up your home while you take a nice refreshing nap before attempt number two to get back on your feet.

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