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Organising Your Summertime

summer weekend

With the coming of summer, some people think that their chores will decrease in number, but that is rarely the case. With all the rubbing around, the heat and all the sweating, summer might actually be among the worst seasons to deal with in terms of home cleaning. But there is a simple way to save yourself from all the chores that you will be assaulted with in the summer. A good cleaning checklist for the weekends will decrease the overall work you have to do and will let you enjoy the summer when you are now toiling at work.  And here is how you go about doing that:

Separating the Chores

First of all, you need to break down the home cleaning chores so that you can have a better plan for how to deal with them. Morning, afternoon, and evening chores should be the best separation you can make. Make time for all of them and just by sparing a few minutes a day on these chores you will keep your home clean with almost no effort whatsoever.

list of chores

Morning Chores

Saturday: When Saturday comes, make sure you greet the morning with a nice vacuuming. Take out the vacuum cleaner and go wild on the floors so that you can enjoy the rest of the weekend with no dust to speak of. It takes ten to fifteen minutes depending on the size of your flat or house, but in the end it saves you a lot of time dealing with accumulated dust.

vacuum cleaning

Sunday: Doing some steam cleaning will be superb, but only if you have the option and only once a month. Otherwise take the Sunday morning out instead of doing chores. There are so many other things you can dedicate your time on, but first you should take care of the hanging need to complete chores.

steam cleaning

Afternoon Chores

Saturday: A bit of upholstery cleaning won’t hurt anybody. Doing some scrubbing with soap and water or even implementing a steam cleaner will make sure that you have the clean space where you can enjoy your free time on. A clean sofa is always a nice place to rest on and a bit of spent effort on sofa cleaning will be very rewarding.

furniture cleaning

Sunday: It’s time to let the sunshine in! Spare five minutes on making sure that your windows don’t need cleaning. If they do, all it takes is a little solution made from vinegar, water, and lemon juice. Mix, spray, scrub a bit and you will have the bright and clean windows to bring the most out of the summer sunshine in. Doing this about once a month will be enough and you can enjoy the rest of your Sundays without any afternoon chores.

window cleaning

Evening Chores

Saturday and Sunday: Don’t be lazy – do the dishes. The last thing you want to wake up on a bright summer morning is a pile of dirty dishes waiting to be scrubbed. How is that for starting a weekend? Instead, dedicated five to ten minutes of your evening – right after dinner – to do some dish cleaning and spare yourself the need to do it in the morning when you can be doing much more enjoyable things, like having breakfast.

dish washing

Complete the summer chores in the order according to this checklist – or simply choose the shorter path to home cleanliness and get a cleaning company to do the maintenance for you. Either way, you should take care of the house in a balanced fashion so that you can get the best of summer without having to sacrifice any single day simply for domestic cleaning.

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