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Dishwasher Or Sink? What's The Best Way To Wash Dishes

Posted on 03/06/2016

What is Better Dishwasher or Sink?

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House cleaning involves many subtle things, but one thing you never did think about is if there would ever be a question about whether it is better to be lazy or diligent. But yes, when it comes to dish washing, you do have two options: do it by hand or use the dishwashing machine. You may think that if there is a machine to do it, it is probably a better idea to leave it to the machine and save time spent in the kitchen, but you’d be somewhat wrong. There are certain subtleties that a dishwasher cannot do and there are things that you could miss while hand washing. There are pros and cons on both sides so you would do good to learn both and make careful choices when pondering upon being lazy.

The Dishwasher
A dishwasher will save you time and effort, but it comes with a great initial cost. While you can get one second hand, it would be better to aim for new ones and newer versions. The older versions use up quite a lot of water and even the newer ones could be much less wasteful than they are, but that is the price you pay for thoroughness.

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The cons of the dishwasher are contained in its functions. For one, it is way too wasteful to wash the dishes before you have a full machine of dirty dishes, and till then you will have to hope that you have enough dishes to take out. Also, many people are further wasteful with their water use, activating the prerinse cycle of the dishwasher. Don’t. The machine is powerful enough to take care of all sorts of grease and gunk, so prerinsing is pointless. You also don’t have control over the use of the detergents and cleaners – you have to use the specific type and specific amount.

The Hand Wash
Immediately you have the water waste control. You decide how much water you will use and you can choose to wash however many or however few dishes you want to wash. You can also use it anytime, and your hands won’t break from overusing (well, in terms of washing, that is). You can also decide on how much cleaner to use and the type of detergent.

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But then again, you waste so much time over the sink. If you have a whole sink-load of dishes, you could spend there a good half hour scrubbing plates and utensils before you can actually rest. The skin crumples, too, and you can also obtain an allergy to the detergent by being overexposed to it. And then there are also the lazy hand washers who never completely clean the dishes and either a) clean only one side, or b) do a half-ass job of cleaning the stains.

The Conclusion
There is no ultimately good side. Perhaps a compromise is the best way to go – have a dishwasher around to have a helpful home cleaner when you have too much to do, but hand wash whenever you have just a few pieces of cutlery to take care of. You can focus more on keeping the house clean, but only wash the dishes when you need them. Both ways have their benefits and negative sides, so if you are picking one, then pick the one that fits your own lifestyle.

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House cleaning is a tricky business, as any cleaning company will tell you. But you can manage it if you think about how you can make domestic cleaning easier for yourself. Focus on that and you will be the role model for your family and all other observers who you invite as guests. Teach them about the brilliancy of the dishwasher or how nice it is to do your own home cleaning and dishes – it’s all up to you.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.