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Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola

house cleaning using cola

Cola is quite simply an amazing product. This fuzzy delight has become a favourite drink to entire generations of people. So many seem to be in love with its taste and often grab a bottle of Cola to quench the thirst or get some energy.

The truth is that Cola is an amazing product, which not only tastes great, but also has multiple other uses. For example, did you know that you can perform effective cleaning with this fizzy drink? Yes, it may sound absurd to you right now, but once you try Cola in these situations, you will agree just how great it is:

removing rust

-    Getting rust off - are you worried that your tools are getting somewhat damaged by rust? Do you stress about your favourite golf clubs getting coated in ugly rust stains? Worry not, for a can of Cola can be your best friend when it comes to treating rust. The liquid is a real hit for fighting rust because of its citric acid component. Soak the rusted items in Cola for a day and wash them afterwards. You will see fantastic results in no time.

grout cleaning

-    Cleaning grout - grout is a delicate material that should not be cleaned with just about anything. Well, Cola is not just anything. It makes for a great grout cleaning tool. Simply pour some on the stained area, let it sit for few minutes and wipe it clean. Use a brush for tough stained areas for some scrubbing action.

carpet cleaning

-    Carpet cleaning - if you are worried that a commercial cleaner may do more damage than good, you have every reason to be cautious. Some products can discolour carpets and ruin delicate fibres. Cola, however, makes for an excellent carpet cleaning tool. Pour some, scrub with a brush and rinse with soap water to finish.

-    Garage floor cleaning - in case your car has been leaking some oil onto the garage floor, you need some strong solution to get those stains off. Get a bottle of Cola and pour it all over the stained area. Let it sit for few hours, allowing it to do its job. Next, take a hose and pressure wash the floor. You will find that it is clean and looking as good as new.

cleaning the toilet

-    Cleaning the toilet - well, in case you have been bothered by this cleaning task in the past, you can now use this interesting tool for dealing with the problem: Cola! It is as simple as pouring some of it in the commode and letting it sit for an hour. Next, scrub with a brush and flush. Ta-dah! You have yourself a sparkling clean toilet.


-    Deodorising - in case you live in an area where skunk smell is an issue (a rather large issue) you should consider doing the following: add a can of Cola to a bucket of water mixed with detergent. Such item can greatly counter the nauseating effect of skunk smell. You can also use Cola in case your pet is unfortunate enough to get skunked. Cover them in the liquid and rinse after few minutes. Such cleaning service will surely get the stench off with ease.

You will never look at Cola the same way before, now that you know these cleaning hacks.

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