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Clean Your Home for the Holidays-A Detailed Plan

Posted on 17/12/2015

Holiday Housecleaning Tips

cleaning for the holidays

With the approaching of the holidays, you should be ready to face them with a home clean and ready for all the decorations and ornaments that will reflect every little bit of cheer that you hide within you. If you still haven’t started, then now is your chance as Christmas is but a week away. And a week is the perfect time to make your very own detailed plan which will help you bring everything in the house in proper order and you can even combine it with the decorating to make the week a complete preparation period. A fast home cleaning, combined with adornment and you will be ready for Christmas Eve. If you need help with the plan, then here is a recommended outline of the schedule:

Day 1 – The Living Room
Take care of the living room, especially if you will be having guests over on Christmas. Handle the carpet cleaning like a professional, with everything necessary to bring the flooring to their best state. Clean all the surfaces and do the upholstery cleaning for your sofa and armchairs. And then you can continue with dusting and when you finish with a section, add a decoration. Place the Christmas socks, hang the garlands, add everything that appeals to your taste.

carpet cleaning

Day 2 – The Hallways
Take out the mop and vacuum cleaner and do the floors. Finish the rug cleaning as fast as possible, then bring in more garlands and decorate to your heart’s content. Deck the halls with whatever you feel like is appropriate as the first thing the guests who enter to see, even if you are thinking of a cardboard cut-out Santa Claus holding a plate of gingerbread cookies.


Day 3 – The Bathroom
A quick mopping of the floors will be sufficient and make sure you deodorise the room as best you can. Some tile cleaning is in order as well, and while you are at it, you can clean the grout too. Don’t go overboard with expensive products, the simple combination of baking soda and water will be excellent. Nothing to decorate here, of course.

bathroom cleaning

Day 4 – The Windows
Take out your best window cleaner, or simply use the great solution of water and vinegar and spray and scrub towards translucent windows. And then hang your garlands and wreathes on the window panes so that your neighbours and passers-by can clearly see how well your home is prepared to greet the holiday cheer.

clean windows

Day 5 – The Dining Room
Set up the table, get the upholstery clean and tidy, organise the seats, and you can even set up the utensils. Yes, not that much to do, but you can use the rest of the day to put the presents under the Christmas tree, and plan the meals you want to have on the holiday night.

dining room

Day 6 – The Kitchen
Kitchen cleaning is vital as you want to present the best-tasting meals your guests’ imagination can handle. Oven cleaning is a must so that everything you cook looks and tastes its best and does not have any memory of yesterday’s meals. Just because only you are allowed in the kitchen doesn’t mean that there should be no decorations here as well. A small decorative tree will be great, along with a few plants like poinsettia to add to the theme.

kitchen cleaning

Day 7 – The Set Up
And, finally, you can begin with the cooking so that you can get ready for the Christmas dinner. Make sure you know how many guests are coming, plan the deserts, prepare the meals and if you have some time left, have a do-over kitchen cleaning to have everything in the house looking top notch.

Christmas dinner

With this your holiday dinner will be a great success and the holidays themselves will be spent in a colourful, decorated, and brilliant setting, perfect for the season and for the family. Go all out – it’s a once a year activity, after all.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.