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Christmas 2015 in London - What Not to Miss

Posted on 15/12/2015

Celebrating Christmas in London

Christmas in London

Christmas is fast approaching and London is already prepared to face it. Once you are done with the home cleaning to make space for all your decorations, you can go out and see what the city has in offer for you. Or, if you are just starting, leave the home cleaning for now and just go out to get inspired by all the sights and things that wait for you in England’s capital. And if you especially want to be amazed and delighted by the effort put into the events by the city, then go out at night to see the full marvel that it has for you.

The Christmas Lights
You will be astonished by all the brilliant lights that adorn every street of the city. Go to Carnaby Street, with its glowing snowflakes and suns and cherubs, or go to Covent Garden and see the floating trees with bright globes and the 22-feet sparkling silver reindeer. Enter Regent Street and witness the breathtaking spectacle that is the Christmas show there – already waiting for you with waves of flowing lights and decorations, and still with upcoming fireworks to further astound. And Oxford Street has quite the magical display as well.

Christmas Lights

The Christmas Markets
There will be so many attractions all around London, every one of them better than the next. And one of the top ones which you should definitely not miss is the various Christmas markets all about the city. Visit the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, or maybe the London Bridge City Christmas Markets to view all the stalls and wondrous attractions on offer by a variety of merchants, artisans, and even acrobats. The Southbank Centre Christmas Market will add many a various decoration options to your shopping list and many more ornaments that will make the carpet cleaning a nightmare after you are done unpacking. And let’s not forget the Winterville in Victoria Park and all the entertainment there.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas Events
There will be so many attractions you can take part in. How does a Scandinavian dinner sound without you doing any cooking or oven cleaning for it? Well, you can find just that at Shepherd’s Bush Yard, by this time turned into a Scandinavian forest for the Little Feast event – a wintery retreat with many cuisines on offer for all guests. Or how about you have fun in a literal underground golf game? You can do that in The Vaults under Waterloo in the Birdies Crazy Golf Club event. And the Warner Bros. Studio Tour awaits to show you the Hogwarts castle in the snow. Or how about you go to the Kew Gardens and see the Christmas at Kew? There will be a 50-foot Christmas tree and so many lights you would think you are dreaming.


The Christmas Santa Grottos
And then there are places for the children as well. They can finally meet Santa Claus in one of the many grottos strewn about London. Take them to Hyde Park and go around all the stalls to find the Wonderland Grotto where Santa, his elves and all the presents wait to hear the kids’ wishes. Santa will also be visiting the reindeers in the ZSL London Zoo to see how the Londoners are treating his faithful servants and friends. Or you can take the kids in the cosy spot at Duke of York Square’s Christmas Grotto, where Father Christmas will be hearing out all the requests and telling stories in a cottage environment.

Santa Grotto

Don’t miss out on the activities that London has in store for you. With so many lights and cheer and joy and holiday spirit throughout the city you would think that this is the happiest place you can be in the world and you probably would not be too far from the truth. See all that the holiday season takes out for you in this brilliant time of year and then return to your home cleaning and your own preparations for the Christmas decor and entertainment.

London Christmas

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Richard Carey

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