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Enjoy Easter

Easter is here and it’s time to figure out how to spend our upcoming free time during the bank holiday. You get two whole days to fill with enjoyment before you continue with the typical everyday activities. Of course you may be among those who prefer to be busy instead of idling about and wondering how to spend their free time. No worries, Easter is a period where everybody gets a free choice of activities. And if you need help with picking yours, here are some suggestions.

1.    Kitchen Cleaning
Before Easter dinner, and especially if you are having a party or a friends and/or family gathering, you should set up the kitchen in order to be able to prepare the best meals. Do thorough oven cleaning and surprise the family and guests with a meal prepared in a spotless kitchen and show off your cooking expertise to the fullest.

kitchen cleaning

2.    Egg Decorating
This is a standard custom. Of course you will have to decorate the eggs, especially if you have kids. Give them something to have fun with and then join them to further the fun and give more ideas, building their creativity.

eggs decoration

3.    Egg Hunting
And then you have the hiding, and subsequent searching for the eggs. This is a wonderful activity in theory – you will definitely have fun with the kids going about, rummaging through everything to find the eggs and you can have fun giving subtle clues. What you won’t have fun with is kids going about, rummaging through everything and turning the house upside down to find the eggs. That’s a house cleaning chore nobody wants.

have fun with kids

4.    Lawn Maintenance
Easter is the perfect moment to do some gardening. If you enjoy spending time in the garden, you could use your free days to do some tranquil and meditative gardening. It’s a healthy exercise that will help you deal with any potential problems. Also, you can use it to bring the lawn in shape, and maybe even do some patio cleaning if you’ll have a garden feast.

lawn mowing

5.    Redecorating
Another way to use the holiday is to get something done at the house. No need to use other weekends – spare yourself the extended work and do it during Easter while you have free time. That new décor you wanted to try out? Well, now is the chance to work on it.


6.    The Sunday Roast
You can also devote your time into making the best Sunday roast there is. Look up recipes, figure out new traits, make your own recipe even. Give it your all to serve the best dish of lamb your family has ever tasted. Make a meal so finger-licking you won’t have to worry about cleaning the dishes afterwards.

Sunday Roast

7.    Stain Hunting
And, of course, then you have all the things you could do after Easter is over. There will be quite a lot of stains to deal with after Sunday. You have the responsibility of hunting down all the stains and eliminating them. There will be chocolate, candy, dirt and grass-stains all over the house. Time to test out your home cleaning skills.

stain hunting

8.    Spring Cleaning
And speaking of home cleaning, don’t you think that this is the perfect time to do a spring clean? You have a day off, it’s the beginning of spring. Time to have the house ready to face the new season. Re-organise the wardrobes, do some room-by-room house cleaning, shine everything up and enjoy the new look.

spring cleaning

With all this you will definitely not be bored during Easter. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and then enjoy some free time or do the chores and other activities you could create for yourself. It is not a time to be bored – it is a time to be as active as ever.

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