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Specific Ways to Implement Coffee Filters in Your Everyday Life

coffee filter uses

Many household items have a plethora of alternative uses, and some of them can be quite surprising. You will be amazed, for instance, at just how many ways there are to use coffee filters! They have much more specific uses than you thought – and even more uses than their makers thought. The variety of ways you can implement coffee filters in your everyday life is quite vast, so here we will present to you some of the most useful ones – the ones that might spare you a lot of need for house cleaning later. Here we go:

#1 – Use in the microwave to prevent splatter.

It’s quite annoying when you are trying to microwave something and the heat creates a bubble which splatters and sprays the oven’s interior, right? Well, if you cover whatever you are microwaving with a coffee filter, it will take in all the splatter and you will have a clean interior!

clean microwave oven

#2 – Use it to collect ice cream dripping.

Another annoying aspect of life is when you are trying to enjoy your ice cream, but the heat is melting it too fast and half the time you are avoiding the drips and licking at the sides instead of the juicy top. Well, if you place a coffee filter around the base, it will catch all drips and you can enjoy them after you are done with the clean absorbing of your ice cream.

dripping ice cream

#3 – Use it to clean windows and mirrors.

Mirror and window cleaning has many tricks, but one of the more obscure ones you are probably not aware of is the use of coffee filters. Spray with an all-purpose home cleaner, then apply the filter and scrub to see just how well it does with dirty windows and mirrors.

mirror cleaning

#4 – Use them as plates.

One way to save the need for house cleaning is to have nothing to clean. Instead of using actual dishes, use the coffee filter as a bowl or plate. Place any non-liquid food inside, eat it up, and then simply throw away the coffee filter without any need for cleaning whatsoever!

coffee filters as plates

#5 – Use for dusting.

Since coffee filters are generally used to keep small grains from escaping, they are perfect for collecting dust mites. Use one instead of a microfiber cloth and see how well it works. This makes dusting both safe and easier!


#6 – Use to dry dishes.

When you wash the dishes, they will come out clean, but also damp. One way to spare them the humidity is to take the coffee filter and dry them up with it. It collects water and moisture quite well and it’s a fast and effective tool for the job.

drying dishes

#7 – Use to absorb oil.

If you have a greasy surface, don’t be in a hurry to dump it in the sink and leave it for later. Instead, take a coffee filter and place it over it. It will absorb all the oily bits and you will have a much easier time cleaning it.

absorbing oil

#8 – Use to clean stainless steel.

Another wonderful use for coffee filters is that they can be used to both clean and polish stainless steel surfaces. Apply the correct cleaners, then wipe with the filters and you will see how well its non-abrasive texture does with the capricious steel.

stainless steel cleaning

These are the most popular out of all the ways you can use coffee filters. You can apply some imagination and discover all its other uses in the field of home cleaning – it’s an excellent makeshift tool for many cases and it is perfect for when you want to be creative and save money on a cleaning company or cleaning supplies.

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