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How Do Your Home Cleaning Habits Measure Up?

home cleaning

You can never go wrong with regular house cleaning, but too much of a good thing can actually cause more damage. Using too much product or wiping stuff too often can wear down your goods. While there is nothing wrong in keeping a clean home, going into extremes can bring troubles as well. Do you grab the cloth and sanitizer every time you notice a spot? How do your home cleaning habits measure up?

1. Pouring Extra Laundry Detergent

Adding extra detergent will not help you lift the tough stains. On the contrary, the suds will not rinse out, trapping the dirt in the fabrics. Instead, follow the instructions on the cleaning product. If you need to remove persistent spots, pre-treat your clothes with a stain removal agent and then toss them into the washing machine.

doing laundry
2. Wiping Down the Counters in a Rush

Cleaning these surfaces daily is recommendable, but only if done right. When the counters are not well-buffed, they will appear dull due to the film left behind. This makes your efforts absolutely pointless. The bottom line: you either do it properly or you don’t do it at all.

wiping countertops
3. Cleaning Mirrors Every Time You Notice a Fingerprint

This doesn’t mean that you should leave your mirror murky and covered in spots for months. A single fingerprint is not that big of a problem, so don’t take out the spray bottle just yet. Over-spraying and humidity lead to moisture getting behind the mirror and harming or removing the backing.

mirror cleaning
4. Using Too Much Water on Your Wooden Floor

Although regular floor cleaning and mopping help preserve your flooring, too much of it can ruin some materials. Even the tiniest gouges and scratches in the finish will let water get underneath and will spoil the wood.

floor cleaning
5. Vacuuming Too Often

Using the vacuum cleaner is definitely the easiest way to get rid of the dirt, but it’s not healthy for your flooring. You can easily collect the dust bunnies and stray hair with a brush roll. The broom works great for occasional clean-ups. You can still use vacuum for your weekly house sweep.

6. Applying Dusting Spray Directly On the Wooden Furniture

Avoid using dusting polish right on your furniture, because it may result in a filmy build-up that is hard to remove and attracts more dust. Spray your to-go furniture cleaning product on a cloth first and then gently wipe the furniture’s surface. If you still want to spray your furniture, dust first. Buff with clean cloth to ensure that there is no polish residue.

furniture cleaning
7. Washing Clothes after a Single Wear

Unless you have a pile of sweaty shirts, gym gear and tights, there is no need to wash everything after you wore it only once. Some clothing pieces can be worn two or three times before they end up in the washing machine. Keep in mind that over-washing and drying can cause the fabric to fade and wear faster.

washing clothes
Take it easy on the scrubbing and sanitizing next time you tackle your house cleaning tasks.

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