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Deep Cleaning House Checklist

Cleaning household items

It often happens that you start a home cleaning, and end with a house only partly cleaned. This is not a result of laziness, but a result of your forgetting to clean some of the things in your house – not because of thoughtlessness, but because of simply not asking yourselves “Why should I clean this?” Here are some of the things you should definitely pay attention to next time you go through spring cleaning or house maintenance.

• Toothbrush holder
On very rare occasions you even register that you own such a holder. It may be that you remember those even exist only when you have none and there is no place to hang or place your toothbrush. But it is something that should be kept clean at all times – after all, it holds a tool that goes twice daily in your mouth.

• Rubbish bins
No, cleaning the rubbish bin does not mean emptying it, or leaving it for the garbage man to take it. It means actually cleaning the insides of an empty bin. You might ask why – after all, it is just rubbish. But, a waste bin does require attention just like any other container in your house. If left unattended, the bin will soon make its neglect known with its sharp smells that gather from the spilled waste which the garbage man did not bother with. That leads to the accumulation of tons of bacteria which you should avoid.

• Telephones
When is the last time you remembered to wipe the mouthpiece? And yes, you should. It is something that you put next to your face several times a day, so you should definitely focus on disinfecting it as often as you can.

• Power outlets
Those holes in the wall are not just decorations and not just power supply units. You need to clean them every not and then to prevent plugs from sticking into them. Outlets sometimes accumulate moist which then accumulates dust, and that dust becomes very sticky once one too many plugs go through them. Rub it clean when doing maintenance to avoid issues. Just remember to be careful when cleaning them!

• Light switches
Even in the most thorough house cleaning, people often forget to wipe the sides of the light switches. It is a problem that might arise once in a decade, but dirt does gather around the switch every time it is used, and it eventually will start sticking and stop responding to attempts of flipping it on or off.

• Grills
Party grills, or barbecue grills, they are all ignored alike by otherwise dedicated cooks. Remember when you last cleaned the underside of your carpet when carpet cleaning? Well, grill and oven cleaning is done even more infrequently. This is where you cook your food, at the very least clean it to remove all the grease smell from your food, if not for the disinfecting of the surface where you lay your food directly upon.

• Fans
Yes, that spinning fan on the ceiling does need maintenance as well. You will notice that after you leave it for a while untouched and then, on a hot sunny day turn it on, only to find yourself under a rain of dust. Wipe the dust from the upper side of the fan every now and then so that you are never in such a situation.

And there you go, some of these things you barely even notice when not using them, so it is only natural to forget about them when cleaning, but it is only sanitary to gain such a habit, so work on that.

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