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Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Own at Your Home

cleaning tools

Have you ever wondered what a home cleaning arsenal should contain? You have a closet full of cleaning supplies, yet you barely use a few of them every time the time for house cleaning comes. You have been seeking to de-clutter the closet for weeks, and now you have the opportunity to remove the unnecessary items from it and keep only the essentials. But what are the essentials? What are these few items that your cleaning routine cannot go without and which you should always have at hand, ready to take care of all your room? Let’s review them:

using microfiber cloth

•    The Microfiber Cloth
This item is invaluable for every household. If you want to get and keep your home clean, then the microfiber cloth is what you want. This is the organic solution to most dust and dirt problems. It can dust while dry and clean while moist. It doesn’t require any additive cleaning agents to clean well, it just needs water to be cleaned after going over a dirty surface.

cleaning the toilet

•    The Toilet Brush
After all, you need a separate tool to clean your toilet with, otherwise ‘unsanitary’ would be a weak word to use to describe your house cleaning. Store a toilet brush in a bucket and use it when the toilet bowl starts to discolour.

applying degreaser

•    The Degreaser
Oven cleaning and cooking can be very annoying if there is any grease or grime left after the last meal you prepared. There can even be a lingering smell that annoys you. That is exactly why you need a degreaser – a good spraying and then rubbing it over the oven top with a sponge or cloth will take care of all the grease problems.

various cleaning tools

•    The Mop and The Floor Cleaner
These two always go together and should be considered as one item. The floor cleaner will keep your floors shiny and germ-free and the mop is the tool that distributes the magic around the rooms.

scrubbing the floor

•    The Scrub Brush
You do need something to get hairs out of the carpet, or to deal with tougher dirt stains. The scrub brush will come in handy when you have to deal with mud or food stains, or even taking care of the grout from your tiled floors.

use a vacuum cleaner

•    The Vacuum Cleaner
An absolute must in every household. What else will you do floor and carpet cleaning and maintenance with? Forget the old-fashioned broom, a few minutes with the vacuum cleaner will have any room’s floors dust free and safe to walk over without attracting dirt and germs to your socks or bare feet. Daily maintenance of floors requires you to use it and not waste too much time on the floors when you can do some work or enjoy yourself in some manner or another.

quality all purpose cleaner

•    The All Purpose Cleaner
And last, but not least, we have this little magic substance. The all purpose cleaner is what you use on... well, everything. Your TV needs a shine? Your windows need some work? Your tiled floors need a good scrubbing? The countertops and table need a good polishing? Then the all purpose cleaner is the tool for you. It contains ingredients mainly around rubbing alcohol and it disinfects along with cleaning, making the dirtying of the surface touched harder. What is best about this spray is that you don’t even have to buy it – if you want to save money, just make one yourself with water and vinegar!

With these tools you should be ready to tackle every single mess your house could offer. Make sure they are safely stored in your cupboard and this will mean you are ready for everything.

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