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Best Tips to Make Home Cleaning Faster

domestic cleaning

If your work has become more demanding than ever and your family requires more time to spend with them, cleaning naturally takes a more recessed role in your life. You know it is important, and you want to keep up with chores, but sometimes that is just not possible, as you struggle with busy schedule and other priorities.

Struggling with cleaning is often a reality because you lack the knowledge on how to make it fast and convenient. There are many nifty hacks that can help you with certain chores and tasks associated with cleaning that your head will spin. The following list of 7 tricks will most certainly make your life a lot easier when it comes to saving time and effort. Take note and implement all of them in your routine today!

blinds cleaning

-    A quick way of cleaning blinds - if you are fed up with tangling up your hands and cleaning tools in the blinds, you can consider a funny new way of doing this chore. In order to take care on the dust and possible stains that may be present there, you should get an old sock (make sure it’s clean first) and slip it on your hand. Mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water and swipe the blinds with the sock. Awake the puppeteer in you and you will find just how easy this method is!

-    Let the blender clean itself - scrubbing the blender with a brush is history, once you learn the tricks of this method. Performing a cleaning service on the blades is not only difficult, but also dangerous. So instead of doing that, you can fill half the container with warm water and mix with few drops of dish soap. Turn the device on and let it run for a minute. The water and soap will clean the interior nicely, so all you will have to do is rinse thoroughly.

home cleaning

-    Easy dusting - you not only have to be regular at dusting, but also be thorough in your efforts if you want to ensure good results. Using a regular duster is what makes this chore so tiring and time-consuming. Instead you should be using a dryer sheet, as that is a lot more effective! It can pick up dust rather easily and in a fast manner.

-    Clean stove grates while sleeping - yes, you can actually get these items cleaned while you sleep, without investing a huge amount of time and effort. Take a zip-loc bag and put the grate in it. Pour a quarter cup of ammonia and seal the bag. The fumes from the ammonia will soften any grime and build-up spoils, making cleaning service a child’s play.

oven clean

-    Oven cleaning - in case you are not blessed with a self-cleaning oven, you can clean this appliance with ammonia. A quarter cup, poured in an oven-safe bowl will enable the fumes from the product to soften the spoils overnight. A simple swipe in the morning will be enough to get your oven clean and shiny.

-    Get rid of scuff marks on your leather shoes - are you annoyed by the black marks on your beautiful shoes? There is a sure way of removing those by dipping a Q-tip in petroleum jelly. Gently rub the scuff stain, applying gentle pressure and it will soon be gone.

vacuum cleaning

-    Upgrade your vacuum cleaner with a custom fit hose - are you having trouble around tight places with your vacuum? Home cleaning would be much easier, if you could fit the attachment on the hose through narrow spaces. You can achieve that by attaching an empty toilet paper roll by the end of the hose. You can fold and bend it in whatever shape you desire, making cleaning so much easier.

Implement these hacks in your cleaning routine if you wish to save yourself a lot of time and effort. You will be thankful of the new easy way to clean your home and wonder why you never thought of that before.

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