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Can I Add Essential Oils to Cleaning Products?

house cleaning with essential oils

Home cleaning can be done in a variety of ways, and one of those ways includes zero use of harmful and toxic cleaning products. You can use many DIY recipes which allow you both to clean the house and do some real refreshing around your home. The use of essential oils is not exactly essential as such, but just a few drops of a nice-smelling oil will get you a nice aroma along with getting the home clean.

#1 – Lemon Essential Oil

This type of oil is great for so many recipes. If you add it to vinegar and water, you basically make an all-purpose cleaner that is great for both cleaning and disinfecting. Lemon is a wonderful antibacterial and antiviral product and the oil brings a wonderful smell to the table as well.

disinfect with lemon oil
#2 – Wild Orange Essential Oil

Not as strong as the lemon, the orange essential oil may clean less, but it will bring a much stronger aroma around the house. The difference between them is that you will need to use the orange essential oil in combination with stronger home cleaners.

wild orange oil cleaner
#3 – Lavender Essential Oil

One of the best fragrances out there. Lavender oil will bring the aroma that will cleanse all kinds of nasty smells, and it is also a natural antibacterial cleaner. You can use the oil practically anywhere, but the best DIY projects to try with it would be homemade castile soap or a laundry detergent.

clean with lavender oil
#4 – Tea Tree Oil

While not as fragrant as the rest on the list, the tea tree oil is another strong method of fighting off germs, bacteria, and other types of microbes. Add the tea tree oil to any homemade hand soap or hand wipes and enjoy the nice new smell and the better cleaning ability.

tea tree oil cleaning
#5 – Thyme Essential Oil

This oil can be an excellent addition to a laundry detergent, a homemade dish soap or detergent, or just about any carpet cleaner.

home cleaning with thyme oil
#6 – Peppermint Essential Oil

This great antibacterial oil does wonderful work when you are trying to freshen up something. Just as peppermint tea will cleanse your palate along with your throat, the peppermint oil will bring the sense of a forest within the house.

peppermint oil house cleaners
#7 – Eucalyptus Essential Oil

When you want to use something in combination with baking soda in order to cleanse the floor, during carpet cleaning, or when you are doing upholstery cleaning, the eucalyptus oil is excellent as it brings what house cleaners such as baking soda do not – the antibacterial effect which supports the rest of the job.

domesic cleaning with eucalyptus oil
Essential oils are a great way to add a nice smell to almost anything. A touch or a drop of one will enrich any cleaner and will make any domestic cleaning activity that much better. Use them whenever you can and keep the home clean and fragrant.

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