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6 Mommy Hacks to Make Cleaning Easier

Posted on 09/12/2015

Cleaning Hacks To Make Every Mom's Life Easier

mommy hacks to cleaning

If you are a mom, then you should be aware of just how messy a kid can get. Cleaning after your little bundle of joy that occasionally turns into a messy monster has its tough and tougher sides, and every now and then you might need help with proper handling the situation. There are methods you can use in your home cleaning to make it much easier, of course. The solutions given in books are great, yes, but every now and then you need to apply some simple hacks to get through the child’s mess and then free up time for yourself... or for the kid’s next mess, of course. Here are some hacks you can use.

1. Baking soda to the rescue
The best thing about home-made cleaners is that they don’t require any special gear or methods to use. You simply need to mix baking soda with water and you have a cleaner for most of the food stains your little infant can leave on most surfaces. Also, baking soda is useful since it’s not toxic and the baby can touch and play over the cleaned surface without any fear of it touching chemicals.

home-made cleaners

2. Vinegar will help as well
And what surfaces you can’t touch with baking soda because of its abrasive properties, you can surely make use of vinegar. Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and you have your quick-to-use all purpose cleaner at hand anytime. This works for the stain removal of messes the kid was not involved with as well. And will also quicken the oven cleaning because of the vinegar’s acidic properties.

stain removal

3. Polish remover will help with colouring
Or, rather, against. When first you give your child a pen or marker and a piece of paper, you will notice that the baby will be much more dedicated to colouring anything in their immediate vicinity that is totally not the boring white sheet. If it happens to colour a hard surface, you can use polish remover. Add it to a piece of cloth and rub until the surface is shiny again. Needless to say, keep that away from kids. And not to be used for carpet cleaning.

cleaning ink stains

4. Dry erase markers are sharpie cures
Indeed, if the kid’s sharpie gets overly attached to your floors or furniture, you can also use a dry erase marker. Pick one with the same colour as the surface, colour over the sharpie and then scrub with a moist sponge or wipe until the stain goes away. Not recommended if the sharpie is on your skin.

furniture cleaning

5. Baby wipes for makeup messes
Home cleaning will never have been as easy if there were no baby wipes. The perfect time to get evidence for that is when you introduce your child to your makeup set. You probably won’t ever use as much makeup in a year as a child uses over the span of minutes – and, sadly, not always on its face. But with moist baby wipes, the cleaning of makeup messes is criminally simple.

baby wipes

6. Rubbing alcohol for the rest
And whatever else the child can come with to make your day a potential professional cleaner’s job, you can pretty much take care of with some rubbing alcohol. The substance is particularly useful for screens and electronic displays. If the child makes a mess there, simply dip some cotton in rubbing alcohol and scrub until the mess is gone.

house cleaning

Utilise these tricks and you will see how taking care of the baby gets less messier and the house cleaning is easier. That way when you teach the baby to entertain itself, you will have a quick solution to the trouble it got your carpet or furniture in, and then you can move on with your day and still have time to tend to your own needs.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.