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6 Helpful Oven Cleaning Suggestions

Posted on 23/11/2016

How to Deep Clean Your Oven?

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There are many reasons for giving your kitchen and oven a thorough clean. People who have been renting their property may need to perform oven cleaning as part of end of tenancy cleaning before moving out. They might even require a professional company to carry out the cleanup. Kitchen cleaning can simply be a matter of pride in your personal environment. It can improve the health and happiness of your family and prevent permanent damage to your oven and other kitchen appliances.

1.    One of the busiest rooms in most homes is the kitchen. It is also one of the rooms where cleanliness is most important. Cooking should always be done in hygienic, sterile conditions. Kitchen cleaning in general and oven cleaning in particular can be essential to a family’s well-being.

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2.    Oven cleaners can be dangerous. Too avoid having to do heavy duty cleans too often; it makes sense to take steps to reduce the build-up of grease and dirt. Clean up any spills as soon as the oven is cool enough to work on safely. Spills that are re-heated become much harder to remove. It is a good idea to remove and clean oven racks on a weekly basis.

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3.    When performing a thorough oven clean, it is important to take account of health and safety issues. Ensure that the appliance is turned off and that the area is well ventilated before applying any chemicals. You should wear protective gear such as rubber gloves and safety goggles. Keep pets and children safely away whilst you are cleaning the oven and ventilate the room when finished. Do not use the kitchen again until the fumes are totally dissipated; this can take several hours.

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4.    Removable articles such as oven racks can be cleaned separately in a solution of dishwashing detergent and warm water. The interior of the oven will require a stronger cleaning product to remove stains, grease and food residue. Spray bottles make these chemicals easier to apply. Foams will stick to the oven surfaces rather than running down to form puddles.

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5.    Natural oven cleaning solutions are increasingly popular, largely due to the fact that they are less toxic and more eco-friendly. Common household goods can be mixed to produce a safe and successful oven cleaner. Vinegar and baking soda combined with water and a little washing-up liquid will make a thick paste which will stick to the walls of the oven. A scented essential oil added to this mixture will get rid of the pungent vinegar aroma. Citrus oil is another effective de-greasing agent.

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6.    Food that becomes burnt-on to an oven can smell bad and is also a potential fire hazard. The same is also true for grease and oil. These dangers make oven cleaning an especially essential regular household chore. Keeping on top of grime before it sticks will make it a far less daunting proposition. It is also possible to employ the services of a dedicated cleaning agency to take the effort out of cleaning tasks.  

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Many oven cleaning solutions can be attained in as little as a quarter of an hour. Breaking oven cleaning down into short, simple stages can transform an untidy oven into a spotless one in next to no time. The first stage in adopting this approach to maintenance is to avoid overlooking the inevitable messes that are created in any normal day; tackle these tasks immediately to prevent them from becoming harder to carry out later.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.