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5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Slice of Bread

Posted on 24/06/2016

Best Ways to Use Leftover Bread

using bread in home cleaning

Do you know what the best thing is since sliced bread? Well, actually too many things to list, but all the ways you can use sliced bread are pretty badass too. And no, it is not just for eating. Apart from being good for sandwiches and a nice meal at dinner, a slice of bread will be helpful even when you are engaged in house cleaning. There is a variety of uses in which you can apply your bread. Sure, it’s kind of wasteful not to eat the bread, but the good work you will put it to will more than compensate that, especially considering that this way you are saving money on cleaning supplies.

Here are five ways you can use your slices of bread in the domestic cleaning routine:

#1 – Use it as an eraser.

Something that your grandparents had already discovered long before you were born is that a slice of bread can be a powerful eraser. It can tackle graffiti pencil without a problem, so whenever you leave your kid to run wild with its pencils, you will always have a weapon to handle the consequences with. Otherwise it is also useful as a napkin to clean smudges with, so when the kid sprays something on the wall, for example, you can take care of it immediately!

wall cleaning

#2 – Use it to absorb liquid.

A slice of bread is like an edible sponge. Things like ketchup, sauces, or salad dressings are quickly absorbed into the bread’s texture and the same goes for juice and wine spills so that they don’t spread. While it’s not a good for stain removal and it cannot fully handle things like carpet or upholstery cleaning, a slice of bread will at least help you handle the damage before it becomes a problem.

absorbing spills

#3 – Use it to dust.

Surprising, but fact – the bread’s texture is pretty much like a microfiber cloth and it can easily swallow up dust mites, especially the ones that gather on paintings or TV screens and monitors. Use the slice of bread to drag it across the dusty surface and it will take care of the dust there in no time. It’s just a little trick for when the microfiber cloth is too far away. Just don’t push too hard, or you will spread breadcrumbs in the dust’s stead.

dusting with bread

#4 – Use it to handle glass shards.

Every now and then you may accidentally break a mirror or shatter a glass. The glass shards are dangerous to touch because of their honed skill to cut skin, but with a slice of bread you can easily pick them up instead of risking doing it with bare hands. It’s easily manageable and the risk is slimmer because the bread actually protects you hand. So if a shattering accident happens, just do the carpet cleaning with your bread!

clearing away glass shards

#5 – Use it to clean the coffee grinder.

And finally, you can take a slice of bread and scrub the insides of the coffee grinder to have it ready for your next grinding. Coffee often leaves certain oils behind that make the grinder greasy, or just leaves small grain pieces that won’t budge from their place. Using bread makes them easier to handle and you can do that practically at any time. You can also grind the bread in and when you remove it, it will have soaked up all the damage left by the beans.

clean your coffee grinder

Surprising, right? Well, there is a reason why some people think that sliced bread is the greatest invention in history. It does come a long way to be helpful both in the cooking and in the cleaning service department. You can find various uses for a single slice and you can try and see how many new ones you will find apart from them.

Richard Carey
Richard Carey

A fervent advocate for Eco-friendly cleaning, Richard is a seasoned cleaning expert with years of experience. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous homeowners and business owners in maintaining hygienic and fresh-smelling properties.