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Stop the Common Vacuuming Mistakes

vacuum cleaning mistakes

Vacuuming seems to be an easy part of house cleaning, but if you think about it, there are many occasions when you have been simply doing it wrong. Not many people realise what proper vacuuming means and they pretty much waste up to fifteen precious minutes a day in a poor job of handling the vacuum cleaners. What you should do is not follow their examples and actually be aware of what needs to be done to get the home clean faster, better, and with efficiency. And in order to know what you need to do, first you have to filter out what you need to avoid doing. There are some things that just don’t fly when doing domestic cleaning, and they are:

#1 – Neglecting the Attachments

You will have noticed that there are some attachments for vacuum cleaners on the market. There is a reason that those attachments exist. They are not extravagant ways to take your money; they are actually helpful for the vacuum cleaner to function to its fullest potential. There are attachments made specifically to clean corners since the standard rectangular one never reaches the dirt set deep in the corners. There are those for cleaning cobwebs, since the standard suction is sometimes not enough. And there are also those for hard-to-reach places, like the smaller spaces under furniture. Learn all about the attachments and use them properly.

vacuum cleaner attachments

#2 – Neglecting a Full Rubbish Bag

People just want to vacuum and forget about the rest of the work. That is all well and good, but you need to be aware that your vacuum cleaner can handle only so much dirt and waste. The bag has its limits and it needs to be emptied. And you should not also wait until it is full before you empty it – depending on how frequently you do the home cleaning, you should have a set period to empty it. An empty bag means stronger suction and the less space it has, the weaker the suction will get and the job it will do will be worse.

empty the vacuum bag

#3 – Neglecting the Hair and Fibres

You will have noticed that your vacuum cleaner has a small brush for carpets. When you use the cleaner on the carpet, the brush will collect a lot of hair and fibres, especially if you have pets. But many people don’t stop to check if the collected hair has been sucked in by the vacuum. Sometimes there is too much of it and it stays on the brushes, which means that you have to manually reach and take it off the brush and have it vacuumed up by hand. Make sure there are no fibres and hair balls preventing you from doing good work with the vacuuming.

clean the brushes

#4 – Neglecting a Dirty Filter

Your vacuum has a filter. That filter is important because it deals with the allergens which you suck from the dirty areas of your home. And a worn filter won’t do such a great job. Many people ignore the filter as it does not need as frequent changing as the rubbish bag and at one point simply forget about it. But the filter does need to be changed too – at least once every six months. Whenever it shows a sign of wear and tear and you spot it when changing the bag or not, you need to change it so that you do a better job with the vacuuming.

change the filter

#5 – Neglectful Rewinding

A big mistake people make when done with their hoovers and are ready to put them away is that they use the rewinding of the cord completely wrong. Admit it, the cord rewind button is a fun one and you love pressing it and watching the vacuum cleaner’s cord wriggle about until it is completely swallowed by the machine. But that wriggling is also often times a reason why so many cords snap on the inside. If the cord is not properly extended in a line while it is rewound, it will snap back and forth in several angles until it is completely drawn back. And with every snapping there is a chance of the wire inside the cord to break and leave you with a broken vacuum cleaner. Don’t do that.

cord rewinding

Don’t allow these mistakes to ruin the good times you can do proper house cleaning. Make sure you use your hoover properly and enjoy a proper cleaning process that will leave you with a nice clean home, devoid of dirt and dust.

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