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Kitchen Inventory That Becomes Ineffective After Multiple Uses

expiration date

There are many households items around your kitchen that you use without much consideration of whether or not time has come to replace them. The logic behind this is understandable: if something can still be used, there is no reason to get a new one. As it turns out, there might be some problems with such attitude, as certain items from your kitchen inventory become ineffective after multiple uses.

Often you may think that after a simple cleaning service, your kitchen tools are good to go for years to come. Do not be so quick to decide that, since some of these items become breeding grounds for bacteria that even thorough cleaning cannot remove. Consider the following list and keep track of the period you use these items for:

- Sponges - wiping countertops and tables around your home with a sponge has a nice cleansing effect. Consider the effect on said sponge, however. They collect all of the germs and bacteria that lurk on the surfaces, and re-using them for another wiping becomes a bit problematic. There is a cure to this, in the form of cleaning the sponges - simply introduce them for a cycle in your dishwasher, or try microwaving them, which has proven as an effective technique for sponge sanitation. At the very least, you should replace sponges whenever you see they have lost their entirety, are torn and have started to disintegrate. This usually happens around the 1 month mark. 


- Chopping boards - constantly chopping vegetables, meat or whatever it is you like to cook in your home on your chopping boards leads to damage. Plastic and wood boards should be cleaned properly after each use. However, if the board has developed too many knife cuts and marks, you will have tough time cleaning the uneven surface. Nooks and crannies tend to harbor bacteria, which is why cracked and damaged boards should be replaced.

chopping board

- Wooden spoons - even though wood is a very durable material that can last you for years, you should be on the lookout for cracks, much like with your wooden boards. Not only will you have difficult time cleaning such tools, but they will also be very ineffective when you work with them. Discoloration and soft spots are two more reasons to change your spoons.

wooden spoons

- Plastic containers - sealable plastic containers are convenient to have around in your home. Thanks to them, you can pack your lunch for work and store your food. There is no real expiration date on plastic. Still, you have every reason to replace them whenever you notice they have become warped or cracked, or simply no longer seal properly. Such damage may occur during heating or vigorous cleaning service, so be careful with that.

plastic containers

- Oven mitts and pot holders - since you work with these around food, stains and spills are quite common. If you are careful and perform your cleaning service on these tools properly, you can possibly protect them from permanent staining. Even if they become stained and you are ok with working with them, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you notice they are excessively worn, or have become threadbare on some spots, it is about time you replace them. It can be quite dangerous to work with such material, because it will no longer protect you and accidental burns may occur.

pot holders

If you are using any of these items around your kitchen, you will do well to consider replacing them from time to time. Look for the described signs, which make it easier to tell when you need to throw away the item and buy a new one.

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